2020 mental goals and cool chick style

2020 mental goals and cool chick style

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Hey peeps this is my first blog post in 2020.

January was quite a very slow month for me. I didn’t set any specific goals or resolution. And let everything transform slowly into what feels right, if you understand what I am saying. But I really have a feeling that this year will be a good one. Even if it isn’t, I will try my best to make it a year to be remembered. By the way, the last 2 years weren’t the best year for me in general. That’s why I hope this year will be better.

Furthermore, I want work on my negative habits like running away from my problems. Therefore, I want to tackle my problems and face anything that happens after. Unfortunately, I am also a person that isn’t brave enough to take further steps to achieve a certain goal because I am afraid of the ‚failure‘ but I want to be more confident with the possibility of winning or even failure instead of what ifs. To put it in a nutshell, this year will be the year of taking more chances and facing outcomes and making the best out of it. What are your goals for this year? Or lifetime goals?

Okay now let’s talk about the outfit, this was the first shooting that I had at the beginning of Jan. I was going with a cool chick kind of vibes. For this look, I wore a striped blouse where I tuck in the half in my ankle cut straight blue jeans. Then I paired it with some killer square toed boots which we will see more in my lookbooks and in this 2020’s fashion season. At the end, I complete the look with my favorite grey coat which I wear all the time.

Have you seen my new hair yet?! Lets talk about my braids, it’s been years where I wore braids and twists, my mum used to install them for me all the time. In addition, I wanted to change my look up a bit and didn’t  want to be bothered with my hair everyday. Also, I can style my hair and always look effortless, isn’t it a lifetime goal for every girl?

See you in the next post!

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