Italy photo diary 2019

Italy photo diary 2019

Whenever I travel, I always feel inspired to collect pictures and summarize the beautiful moments of the trip.

9th of October

After our wedding (I will still make a post about it), we wanted to have a little honeymoon getaway and decided to drive to Italy. To explore the 5 villages ( Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore). It took us over 9 hours to arrive in La Spezia. Our Airbnb crib was very clean and much beautiful than expected. On the first evening, we didn’t see much of the city and went to a Pizzeria which was recommended by our Airbnb host -thank you again, Margarita! We ordered Pizza and it was so yummy!!

10th of October

We stayed in La Spezia and explored the city. We walked a loooot but the weather was beautiful! After that, we headed off to Porto Venere where we had the most beautiful view and sunset ever. Then the evening was completed with a delicious Ligurian dinner.

11th of October

Jan and I drove by car to Monterosso and had a relaxed beach day. Monterosso is the first of the 5 villages that we visited.

12th of October

The first time on a boat. We explored the two of the (5) Cinque Terre villages. Our first stop was at Manarola and the last at Riomaggiore. In the cities, we walked a lot, spent much time on the beach, drank coffee and had lunch. Finally, our evening was completed with a visit to the infamous  Nessun Dorma where we had a large food platter and an amazing view.

13th of October

After yesterday’s exhausting day, we had a chilled beach day at Baia Blu. Baia Blu is normally a private beach but only a few people were there and we enjoyed the quietness and the beauty of the sea.

14th of October

We finally got to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

15th of October

It was a rainy and grey day but we decided to see the last villages by train and bus. Our first stop was at Corniglia, a little village that has tiny alleys. Also, we drank good wine because Corniglia is known for its vineyards. It is the only village that didn’t have a beach.

Finally, we visited Vernazza and ate ice cream and had delicious dinner there.

16th of October

Sadly… it’s time to say goodbye, but first a quick stop in Como. The weather was beautiful and I could still wear a summer dress. We didn’t stay long and just had lunch there.

 La Spezia harbor Porto Venere Monterosso beach A boat day to Riomaggiore & ManarolaDelicious Italian food Riomaggiore with my baby My fave village: Manarola      Baia Blu The Leaning Tower of Pisa Corniglia Sea view in CornigliaHello Vernazza! Lake of Como I hope you enjoyed the photo diary.

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The autumnal wishlist

The autumnal wishlist

Oh dear, I never thought that I would love this year’s autumn/fall fashion. Normally, I don’t enjoy fall fashion that much due to the dark colors and the whole layering of clothing that comes with it. By the way, I am a spring/summer person because I can’t get enough of floral dresses and skirts.

The reason why I changed my mind is that many stores have come out with lovely pieces which I can see myself rocking until it’s winter season.

Therefore, I made an autumnal wishlist with pieces which you’ll hopefully like for these golden months. You can always use similar things from your wardrobe. I focused on classic & trendy pieces like leather jackets/blouses which I would pair with my favorite blue jeans. Or checked thick, wool blouses that give you a cozy ‘Canadian vibe’. Autumn and winter season will be the year of biker jackets. In addition, they make any outfit look very cool. And they’re pretty affordable if you don’t choose real leather and go with faux fur. 😉

I hope you like the list & see you in the next post!

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July’s favorite

July’s favorite

Hey guys!

I know it’s been a while where I’ve written in my little webspace. Therefore, I am here to share the things that I have been enjoying.


The Ordinary SkincareEver since I’ve been off birth control my skin returned to its teenage form and have been suffering from blemishes and light acne on my cheeks. I used to use natural skincare products but I didn’t think that they helped that much because certain ingredients were missing. Now, I have incorporated chemical ingredients because they have been clinically proven to help with blemishes. And I started looking more into active ingredients and gave the products from The Ordinary a try.  These are the 3 products that I’ve been using religiously and they really help.

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

The Ordinary Niacinamide and ZincIf you suffer from acne or pimples this is something for you. I have been using these bad boys for over 2 months. I put the serum in the pm. The consistency is not watery but a little bit tacky but if you follow up with your moisturizer, you don’t notice that anymore. After 2 weeks, I noticed that I don’t break out that crazy anymore, sometimes little bumps appear but they disappear quickly thanks to the serum. The 1% Zinc helps to control the oil production in my face and the Niancinamade fights the blemishes.. awesome combo? Right?

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

The Ordinary Peeling SolutionAHA’s and BHA’s are two active ingredients that fight skin problems. BHA’s are one of the chemical peelings which posses very small molecules and can, therefore, enter deep into your skin layers. On the other hand, AHA’s have bigger molecules than BHA’s but they’re the most effective ingredient to fight pimples, blemishes and acne. I use this peeling solution once a week. It helps with fine lines, shrinks large pores and keeps the skin even. After using this solution a few times, I noticed, that my skin feels super soft and my pores appear smaller. After using this mask, I put moisturizer on my face and follow up with sunscreen since I used a peeling solution.

Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA

The Ordinary Alpha ArbutinThis one is for you peeps who suffer from hyperpigmentations. I have dark marks on my cheeks and on my neck. Unfortunately, I get dark spots if I don’t use sunscreen or if I pop a pimple. I apply this serum only on my dark spot and only in the evening. If you want to use it in the morning, don’t forget to use SPF. I can highly recommend this product because it keeps my skin tone even.

I hope this helps and I am planning a visual skincare tutorial soon, so stay tuned!

Floral dresses

SHOP THE DRESSES: white floral midi dress // mini blue wrap dress // yellow ditsy dress

Jey in short blue ditsy H&M dressUnfortunately, summer is over and was way too short! 🙁 But I am happy that I was rocking dresses the whole summer season. Moreover,  I like to experiment with skirts and dresses and I don’t enjoy thick fabrics or materials that make me sweat – you know? I literally bought every dress which had ditsy prints. Not only do those prints make any dress look cute they were very on-trend this season. Lastly, I wear midi to maxi lengths for those days where you don’t feel like shaving those pesky hairs.Yellow midi dress by Stradivarius Jey in floral Newlook 90s midi dress Jey in short blue ditsy H&M dress Jey in floral Newlook 90s midi dress

SHOP THE DRESSES: white floral midi dress // mini blue wrap dress // yellow ditsy dress


If you are looking for a book to read this year, I would suggest, you read The 4 agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It is a self-help book which frees you from self-doubt and limitations in your life. Furthermore, it is so powerful because it’s packed full of lessons. And I find myself falling back to the lessons that I had read. Also, I am sure that I will reread the book so that I can’t forget the beautiful message and lessons.

Netflix film

Lastly, I wanted to include a Netflix film into my list because it made me so emotional, angry and really had an impact on me because I know how it is to face racism. And I am happy that I don’t live in the states where I would fear for my life and the ones of my brothers.

When They See Us is a mini-series on Netflix that is about 5 young black boys who were accused of a crime that they didn’t do. And the sad thing is, that this is based on a true story. Please go and watch it, I can highly recommend the film.


See you in the next post!

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Summer trends 2019 – 9 fashion must-haves

Summer trends 2019 – 9 fashion must-haves

Hey peeps!

I just wanted to share with you my edit of the summer trends of 2019. The trend pieces were inspired by magazines, Pinterest, my wardrobe and Instagram.

By the way, I included a lot of links to similar pieces with low to high price tags. Also, some of the links are affiliate links where I earn a tiny commission.

Summer trends 2019

1. The silk/satin dress

I still remember when silk dresses were only associated with nightgowns but I am happy that you can wear it out now. Also, I love how it comes in different styles, so it doesn’t look so much like a sleeping dress. I also prefer silk dresses with vintage silhouettes. Furthermore, I’ve been shopping much less and try to switch to silk instead of polyester. Because it is much better for the environment, lasts longer and it is much breathable for this hot weather.

A few links to satin dresses: HERE / HERE / HERE / HERE / HERE

2. The straw bag

Straw bags will always be there and I like how brands have been creating mini straw bags which make any outfit cute. I linked a few in different shapes and sizes. HERE / HERE / HERE / HERE

3. The Flip-Flop with heels trend

The first time I saw girls with flip flops with mid heels, I thought to myself, “who would wear this?” But ever since some brands like Toteme and Dear Frances brought out their own version of these kinds of sandals, I totally fell in love. And I could even see myself rocking these sandals. Lastly, it looks awesome with casual / laid-back clothes – trust me! 😉 . HERE / HERE / HERE

4. The Tie Dye Trend

A 2000 trend that makes a big appearance. I still remember when I was a kid, I thought wearing a tie-dye T-shirt with the matching skirt was stylish. I know… very awful  😂! Especially the harsh colors like green red and yellow were very favored.

Now, the trend is everywhere but this time I would pair it with a neutral clothing piece. Here are few pieces that I would even wear HERE / HERE / HERE

5. Vinyl sandals or ‘barely there sandals’

Kim K has made the barely-there sandals very popular. But ever since Chanel came out with their Vinyl sandals every brand started introducing their own style to the masses. The funny thing about this is that those kinds of shoes were called ‘stripper shoes’ and I like them 😩😜. HERE / HERE / HERE / HERE

6. Organza blouses

Organza blouses shout out high fashion and money. The transparent blouse  looks awesomely paired with elegant pants or a silk skirt. Lastly, you can wear it as a vest or even go braless if you are that brave! HERE / HERE / HERE

7. Low kitten heels

Low kitten heels have a comfortable heel height and make your feet look sexy. The brand By Far makes a lot of beautiful mules and strappy heels with a low heel. I bought a mule from them, and they’re really cute. Here are some of their  shoes HERE / HERE / HERE

8. Colorful bucket hats 

Who said bucket hats are boring? Nowadays, they come in interesting prints or colors. And they are a cute accessory for the beach. Furthermore, you are protecting your hair from the sun and avoiding a headache. HERE / HERE / HERE / HERE

9. Shell jewelry 

Shell jewelry are so trendy right now!! I see girls rocking beautiful necklaces and earrings. And, I love me some white shell anklets 😍!! The shells come in different shapes & colors. I think,  you’ll  find something that you like! 🙂 HERE / HERE / HERE / HERE


See you in the next post!

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Spring lookbook 2019

Spring lookbook 2019

Hey peeps!

This is my first spring/summer lookbook. These are a few of my favorite spring outfits that I wore a few weeks ago. Also, these are clothing pieces that I like to wear over and over. It is a mix of minimalism, animal and checked prints . In the warmer months, I prefer to wear light pants, dresses and skirts.

Now let’s move on to look no. 1

This first look is monochromatic because I only focused on black and white colors. It features a pair of black shorts and a horizontally striped shirt. By the way, long shorts are very on trend and can be paired with a blazer, a simple shirt, sneakers or sandals .. you see, almost everything 😉 I finished the look off with my black shoulder bag and squared gold necklaces. Oh, how can we forget my white strappy sandals? These are the infamous Zara sandals that are everywhere on the internet right now. They have a midi height and are surprisingly comfortable.

SHOP MY MINIMALIST LOOK: top / long shorts / shoes / bag / necklace

Look no. 2

I can see myself rocking this outfit until I die. It might be basic to you but I feel the comfiest in this. Furthermore, these are clothes I like to wear if I want to hang out in the city or drink a coffee.

I’ve been living in this blouse (another striped top xD)  and the great thing about it is that it goes with everything and can elevate anything immediately! I paired my blouse with these beige colored pants. What I adore about these kinds of pants is the material because it is casual and made of linen. Which you can wear in the warmer season without feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. Moreover, I wore a pair of Hermes Oran looking sandals but these ones are by Dune and cost much less and are of great quality! Finally, my Burberry bag made an appearance and completed the whole outfit.

SHOP MY COMY OUTFIT: blouse / pants / sandals / Burberry bag 

Look no. 3

is the last one in this episode and has a more hot summer vibe. This look features another blouse that I styled with a silk skirt that has animal prints. I wrote about animal prints a while ago if you fancy a quick read :-). This skirt is a statement piece because of the print. Therefore it can make your entire outfit look put together and kind of exciting?!

Lastly, I wore brown strappy sandals which go well with many colors in my wardrobe. Also, the sandals are so comfy and I can walk in them all day due to the low heel.

SHOP MY SPRING OUTFIT: button-front blouse / skirt / shoes / bag

Read my last post & see you in the next post!

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