All black look

All black look

Jey in an all black look Jey with a pendant necklace Jey in an all black look Jey in black combat boots Jey in an all black look Jey in an all black look Jey in an all black look


BLOUSE (similar – similar)/ JEANS / BOOTS / BAG / NECKLACE


Hey, peeps!

Today I wanted to share with you my outfit and what I have been up to.

The past week I’ve been just “living life”. We went to the cinemas and ate at good restaurants. In addition, we visited two concerts. Kendrick’s concert in Frankfurt and Russ‘ in Düsseldorf. I love going to concerts because it is always great to see your favorite artists on stage. Especially when the audience and the overall vibe is magical. Furthermore, we stayed for one night in a hotel in Düsseldorf.

Now back to my outfit…

It was a quite sunny day and I didn’t know what to put on. So, I threw on some black pieces for this shot. Since I haven’t posted an all black look here on the blog, I thought it would be a good idea. Before you ask, no – I am not attending a funeral.

My black blouse is from Mango, when I saw it I immediately fell in love with it due to the overall details and the puffy arms. Also, I don’t have something like this in my wardrobe. This statement-blouse makes every outfit pop. My pants are from ASOS and I have them for quite some time and they are really comfortable. The leather combat boots are also from ASOS. They do make the look edgy. I kept the look in one tone/monochromatic but you know an outfit is never finished without the right accessories. That’s why, I put my favorite dainty golden necklace on and carried my Longchamp bag which is also in the color black.

What have you been up to or want to see more?



P.S. Check here my last blog post. 🙂

Jey’s Valentine’s Day Guide

Jey’s Valentine’s Day Guide

In a few days, Valentine’s Day is knocking on the door. Also, V-Day is not just for couples and lovebirds. If I want to be honest, it’s also a day to pamper yourself because love always starts with self-love.

My fiancé and I don’t take the V-day that serious because every day is a day to celebrate love. Don’t you agree with me? 🙂 We mostly spend the day together and go out for a delicious dinner.

Jey in a nude dress for Valentine's DaySo here is my personal Valentine’s Day guide for couples and singles:

Throw on a cute dress
You can’t go wrong with dresses on Valentine’s Day. It can be nude like the one I have on. Or it can be a floral dress, cocktail dress, maxi or short. It really just depends on your mood. 🙂

Focus on your lipstick
I wouldn’t go crazy with makeup. Just keep it simple and focus on your lip makeup. Opt for a bright red or a pink lipstick that suits your skin tone.

Throw on beautiful/sexy underwear
Isn’t it crazy that immediately we put on some sexy underwear we feel sexy, confident and powerful? Or am I the only one?! You can find cute lingerie on ASOS (here/here/here).

Take a relaxing bath alone or with your special one
First of all, place some candles around the tube before taking a bath. Turn on your favorite music which touches your soul – haha I’m just kidding. I promise you, this takes your mood and wellbeing to whole other levels.

Watch a romantic film on Netflix or go to the cinemas with your partner or friend
I would recommend:
fifty shades of grey (cinema)
The end of the f****** world (Netflix)
The notebook
Me before you
The fault in our stars

*links may be affiliated

And lastly, lots of roses 😍

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day, if yes what do you do?

Micro bags 2018 – Fashion Trend

Micro bags 2018 – Fashion Trend

Burberry - The Small BannerMicro bags are the must-have bags in 2018. Therefore, the days where you carry a huge bag with way too much stuff is over. Honestly, I have never been a fan of those big bags, because I always have the feeling of losing my things. Furthermore, I spent a lot of time looking for little things like my pen, keys and the list goes on.

I think micro bags are taking a little step to minimalism because we are forced to carry only the essentials like some cash, cards, keys and perhaps some make-up stuff.

The micro bag is far from boring because it gives every outfit a cute finish. Also, you can find it in:

  • different designs and colors (leather, plastic, woven or straw textures)
  • materials and much more
  • shapes ( box bags, flap bags, treasure bags)
  • with straps

My Burberry is a mini bag due to its size and the things that can fit in. I am planning to buy another little bag in the near future.

Lastly,  I found 10 beautiful micro bags that are in the lower to the high-end price range that you would like.

Micro bags 2018

1st row: 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5.

2nd row: 6. / 7. / 8. / 9. / 10.

Do you guys own mini bags? Or do you know some more bags that I can include on my list?


*the links may include affiliate links.

It’s getting warm

It’s getting warm

About Jey


Dress  / Coat (similar) / Shoes / Bag

About Jey About Jey Portrait About Jey About Jey Portrait About Jey

A few days ago it felt like spring in grey old Germany.
Therefore I try to dress accordingly to the weather. But I still kept my outfit quite dark with a basic dress and some tights in the color black. I layered my dress with a chunky brown cardigan which you can barely see due to my favorite grey coat.

Finally, I sprinkled some jewelry on my outfit and finished it with my new loafers. I talked about these on the blog a week ago. Feel free to check it out!

You can’t go wrong with this look because you can throw it on if you want to feel cute on daytime. Also, it would look good if you are heading out for dinner.


New in: loafers with pearls

New in: loafers with pearls

Lately, the weather here doesn’t give you the vibe to go out and shoot some lookbooks.  I have the feeling that the weather has its own attitude. Because it is either grey/dark or constantly raining. Also, I am a spring and summer person due to the fact that I was born in July.😩 Therefore, I am really looking forward to the warmer days, so I can shoot and be much more creative with my looks (and of course to throw in more colors 😌).Loafers with Pearls About Jey About Jey Portrait About Jey Editorial About Jey Portrait About Jey Editoria

I’ve been ordering things from different online shops and have been sending things back because the clothes didn’t look right on me. I sometimes feel guilty doing that but I am happy that I found these beautiful loafers on Mango that have a granny vintage touch. What makes it even perfect are the beautiful pearl details on the heels. I think, by now you already know that I love my vintage pieces.Loafers with Pearls


Now back to my outfit, we took a few pictures of my new loafers with pearls. The shoes are very comfortable and are true to size. By the way, they strongly remind me of these Gucci shoes. Don’t you think so? Maybe my loafers are dupes of the designers! You guys should order the shoes as fast as possible because they are on sale!!

I completed my outfit with tights underneath my checked pants, my bag and my favorite black jacket that keeps me warm in the colder months. Lastly, I gave my look some little details with my golden nugget earring.