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The midi dress you need in your wardrobe!

The midi dress you need in your wardrobe!

With a midi dress, you can’t go wrong because you can show the right amount of legs (if you want) and be classy and elegant at the same time. Furthermore, it is the perfect dress to sit at a cafe and sip some coffee or just having a cozy picnic day with friends. You can easily dress it up or down with flats or heels. And if it is colder outside grab a jeans jacket of your choice or a good old cardigan. I always go with my beige cardigan by H&M because it goes with everything. Lastly, with knowing all that and its versatility, every girl definitely needs a midi dress in her wardrobe.

Mango White Midi Dress Mango White Midi Dress Castaner Carina Espadrille Mango White Midi Dress Mango White Midi Dress Mango White Midi Dress Mango White Midi Dress

I think I’ve finally found the perfect midi dress because I love the embroidery style. Also, the most interesting detail is the tie bowed back detail which you can see in the pictures. For the outfit, I unbuttoned the tortoiseshell buttons to show some more leg. I carried my lv speedy bag and I finished it off with my new wedge espadrilles by Castaner.

I linked you the best midi dresses with different styles, silhouettes and colors that you need in your wardrobe.


Going back to my roots

Going back to my roots

Jey brown beige outfit Burberry Small Banner Jey brown beige outfit Jey Portraits Burberry Small Banner SHOP THE LOOK:  CARDIGAN /PANTS / SHOES / BURBERRY BAG


Last week I celebrated my birthday. And I want to thank my Mama and the universe that I can experience life with all its ups and downs. And this brought me to the idea to talk about my past passions.

Age 27 was a time that thought me many lessons because I’ve experienced a lot of failures. And, I am glad that I experienced those obstacles to become stronger mentally and emotionally and cope with the future. Furthermore, I am happy for the woman that I’ve become/can still become because I am constantly learning. But I am still the hopeless romantic girl and the daydreamer that I’ve been since I can remember. This means that I accept myself and I don’t want to ever give up these characteristics.

Lately, I want to be more in touch with my roots. My roots are what you can consider your ‘old self’. Which stands for something I enjoyed doing in my very early childhood. I think that time defines you and shows you your real passion because as a child you did what made you fun and you weren’t so influenced by your parents, friend and others. Also, you didn’t do what was cool or trendy at that time.

As a little child and a teenager, I loved drawing portraits of my family and people in magazines. Sometimes, I drew anime cartoons too. Furthermore, I like to sing to good vocalists and write my own sort of poems and song texts.

In conclusion, I just want to spend more time drawing, singing and writing. You know connecting to your true self and practicing your passion is a life goal.

Do you have things that you enjoyed in your childhood?



Feeling the yellow

Feeling the yellow

About Jey Yellow Outfit About Jey Yellow Outfit About Jey Yellow Outfit About Jey About Jey Yellow Outfit Mango gold sandalsAbout Jey Yellow Outfit


Hey guys, 

Since summer is right at the corner. I wanted to share with you the look I had on a while ago. I thought, why not make an editorial style lookbook that features the love I currently have for yellow.

In a psychological way, it’s crazy how certain colors can lift or reduce your mood instantly. Like how the sun and its ‘yellow’ are known for lightening the mood.

Yellow comes in different undertones, that means everyone will find a yellow tone that fits any undertone and skin color. Due to my neutral, olive undertone, I can easily pull off yellows in a neutral and sometimes warmer tone. Therefore colder yellow doesn’t look good on my skin color. You can find your undertone if you look at your wrists vein. That means:

  • blue veins – cold undertone
  • blue/green or purple veins – neutral undertone
  • green – warm undertone

I paired my fav pants with a yellow polka dot blouse and comfortable bow tie sandals. By the way, I bought my sandals last year and the tone of the shoes are more on the golden site.

But If you are a person who doesn’t like to work with colors. And, you prefer to just grab neutral or monochromatic colors. Then opt for accessories like sandals or slippers in yellow or gold tones. If you like dainty pieces go with gold jewelry.

Let’s move on to the technical site. We used the good old Sony A6000 as always. We shot with the 50 mm lens which gives a beautiful blurry background and it’s the perfect lens for portraits/fashion shots. In addition, I used Lightroom to play with the color of the images.

I hope you enjoyed the different editing style of the pictures. Read my latest blog post here.


About Jey Yellow Outfit

How to style a ditsy floral green midi skirt

How to style a ditsy floral green midi skirt

This is the floral green midi skirt you need in your wardrobe. Ever since I’ve discovered this green daisy skirt by Rouje, I immediately fell in love with it. But what held me back ordering it, was the price and the availability. After that, I started looking for alternatives and found this affordable skirt on the H&M page which looks even better in my opinion. The delivery of my skirt took a week to arrive. As soon as it came I wore it for the first time to the zoo.

What I like about the skirt are the prints, the lightweight fabric (crepe) and the 5 buttons on the side, that allow me to show a leg.

Unfortunately, the skirt is sold out but I linked you some similar ones.

Floral green midi skirt Floral green midi skirt

Floral green midi skirt
Me and my peacock friend.

Floral green midi skirt Floral green midi skirt Floral green midi skirt


midi skirt // t-shirt // shoes // bag

How to dress the floral green midi skirt 

Ths particular skirt can be easily dressed up or down.

As you can see in my pictures this is a very casual outfit. Because I wore the green skirt with a white basic T-shirt by COS followed by black Birkenstock sandals.

Furthermore, you can pair the midi skirt with simple t-shirts, tank tops in the color: white, beige and black. Opt for shoes like espadrilles, white sneakers, and sandals in white, black, beige. For a dressier look, I would wear nude or gold stilettos.

Finally, accessorize your outfit with a brown cross bag, a trendy Bali bag or a black bucket bag like me. Oh, don’t forget to put your favorite necklace(s) on.

See you in the next post!



Feeling stuck..

Feeling stuck..

Whenever you feel stuck, especially mentally. I think it’s time to travel and explore new places. You don’t have to visit a foreign country to escape from everyday life. You can literally drive by car to the nearest city that you have/haven’t been to. I am very sure you would see its beauty! Also, in every city, you can explore the nature, the exotic plants. In addition, different cafés, good restaurants, and places to just hang out. Don’t forget that every place you plan to visit always has its own personality and attitude. 

We didn’t drive far away and visited a few locations in Germany that are not so far away from Frankfurt. I hope you enjoy the pictures of our little trips.


Jey an der Lahn
Limburg an der Lahn
Limburger Dom
Limburger Dom
Limburg Friedhof
Limburg graveyard
Alte Lahnbrücke
Alte Lahnbrücke

Limburg Jey in Limburg


The heart of Miltenberg

Village in Miltenberg

Jey Miltenberg
Perfect day for the basket bag

Jey Miltenberg

Sunset in Miltenberg
The beautiful sunset of Miltenberg




We in Aschaffenburg
We tried taking photos of ourselves <3
Der Biersepp Aschaffenburg
A typical Bavarian lunch at ‘Der Biersepp’