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A pop of pink

A pop of pink

Jey with pink eyeshadow Jey with pink eyeshadowA pop of pink A pop of pinkJey with pink eyeshadow

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CONCEALER: Nars – Amande
EYEBROWS: Max Factor – Eyebrow pencil
EYESHADOW: Bareminerals – You had me at Merlot / Alverde – 07 Cosy Copper
HIGHLIGHTER: Kiko – Water Eyeshadow 208
MASCARA: Maybelline – Lash Sensational

Today, I want to share a spring/summer inspired makeup look. Whenever I want to experiment with beauty, I first head to Pinterest and then to a few makeup artist accounts in Instagram to get inspired. I’ve noticed that bright colors like pink or orange are very trendy right now. As you can see, I used matte bright colors on the eyelids but you can use a glossy eyeshadow too. Besides, glossy lids are a must-have for the hotter season!

For this simple makeup look, I kept the lips in a neutral nude color, so that it doesn’t steal the show of off the eyes. The skin is not matte rather dewy. This can be achieved with well-prepped skin. I like to exfoliate my skin and follow up with a good moisturizer. Since I don’t use foundation, I like to cover up my blemishes and hyperpigmentations with my trusty NARS concealer in the color Amande. It is the best concealer ever. Due to the color varieties, undertones and the creaminess of it. Moreover, I don’t like to bake my eyes with powder because of the cakiness. As I am getting older, I don’t want to dry out the delicate eye area. 

Moving on to the eyes, I used my blush by Bareminerals as an eyeshadow base because I don’t like to follow beauty rules. It is a reddish burgundy color but on my skin, it looks more pinkish. Then I added a copper tone near my eyelashes so that my eyelids have more dimensions.

Next, I drew on my eyebrows to make my eye makeup to pop more. Then I used the blush that I used for my eyes, on my cheeks.

Finally, I completed this spring/summer inspired makeup look with a nude lip and a gold highlighter on the areas that I want to accentuate. Like my nose, the cupid bows and under my eyebrow and on the cheeks.

I hope you enjoyed this makeup look and see you in the next post!

Jey with pink eyeshadow
Another makeup look with a similar eye makeup.

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A weekend photo diary in Büdingen 30-03-2019

A weekend photo diary in Büdingen 30-03-2019

Happy first day of April!!

Today, I wanted to share a few snaps that Jan and I took on a sunny Saturday. We visited Büdingen, it is a small town that is 50 km away from Frankfurt. In Büdingen we went for a walk, drank coffee and enjoyed the spring weather. By the way, I am planning to do more photo diaries in the future, maybe 1-2 posts a month. 😉

I hope you like it.

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The it-shoe: Strappy kitten heels

The it-shoe: Strappy kitten heels

Zara Square Strappy Kitten heels
Zara Square Strappy Kitten heels
Zara Square Strappy Kitten heels
Zara Square Strappy Kitten heels

The strappy kitten heels are the It-shoe that everyone and their mommas need in their wardrobe for spring and summer 2019!

I am sure that you have seen these shoes on many bloggers and fashionistas. The sandals are very 90s inspired due to the style and especially the tiny kitten heels.

What I love about my strappy kitten heels

The ones that I have on are from Zara and are only available in this milk white color. But brands like Topshop have similar sandals in black and red. Mango currently has a white and orange one. I was about to buy the orange sandals because the color looked good on my skin. In addition, the Zara and Mango sandals look like the infamous Row sandals. But these ones have a more affordable price tag and look expensive.

I love the overall square shape and the minimalistic style of the Zara sandals. Furthermore, the heals have a mid height which I’ve worn at home, to test how comfortable they are before keeping them. And, I can’t believe that I’ve become a fan of kitten heels because I preferred chunky heels. Lastly, the sandals are made of leather and cost 56 EUR.

How to style this 90s inspired sandals?

I don’t know where to start because there are no limits because these kitten sandals can make any outfit look instantly put together. Therefore, I can see myself styling this with a flowy midi skirt, ankle jeans, a summery dress and lots of other stuff. Also, I will go with brighter colors like white, pink and blue. I wish the weather would be kind so that I can finally rock these sandals and leave my trusty grey coat in the cupboard.. ugh!!


Here is my list of other beautiful sandals for every budget. I looked for different colors, prints, height and styles.

And here are a few Zara links:

1. My white sandals

2.Minimalist sandal

3. Sandals with animal print

*some links are affiliate links!

Lastly, are you a fan of the 90s kitten heels or do you prefer a chunky heel?

See you in the next post or read my last post here!

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Experimenting with bold colors

Experimenting with bold colors


In the colder months, I opt for the same coat and scarf as my safe canvas. Now, as it is getting warmer, I like to experiment with bolder colors. In todays blog post, I want to show you what’s underneath my grey coat. Because my winter clothes tend to be grey, white and blacks.

To add some color to my outfit, I picked this new turtleneck sweater by Pull&Bear via Zalando. You must size up because the sweater is very small. I bought a size M. I instantly fell in love with the dark red color. And this is the first red that suits my skin tone because brighter reds with a blue undertone make my skin look ashy – haha! Also, I wanted to mention that I like to inject new pieces into my existing wardrobe. I also don’t believe in buying the same or similar stuff only for the sake of fashion. I find it even more interesting to style a piece that you have in several ways.

Underneath the burgundy sweater, I wore a shirt to keep myself warm. Furthermore, I styled it with my favorite pair of black jeans and some ankle boots. In addition, I didn’t want to tuck my hair back as always and left it in its curly state and let the bangs out. Finally, I wore silver thick hoops and finished my look off with a slouchy brown bag by H&M. I bought the bag again because my old one was broken. I really can’t wait to style this burgundy sweater with beige pants or with my vintage Levi’s jeans and white Converse Allstars. I hope you enjoyed this look!

See you in the next post!

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Valentine’s Day – a few words about love

Valentine’s Day – a few words about love

In less than a few days is Valentine’s Day but love should always be celebrated! By the way, I wrote a little Valentine’s guide last year which you can read here.

Also, today is the 10th of February that happen to be the day that my boyfriend and I like to celebrate together. Therefore, I wanted to talk about my thoughts on love and self love.

Before we can understand love and show it to humans and animals, we have to learn to love ourselves and accept our flows. Life is too short to worry about some stretch marks and the shape of the body. Instead, we have to focus on becoming better humans.

Furthermore, we have to take time to pamper ourselves it’s like conditioner for the soul. If you know what I am talking about – haha! Once in a week I like to put on hydrating masks, do my nails, wax my body and whiten my teeth.

I was brought up very religious. And, the most important thing that I leaned until now is to show love to others and not to harm. That means don’t treat someone shitty if they choose to do that. Because actions like that have nothing to do with you. A person might be going through bad times. Always be kind and help others in need.

Lastly, I read the love book ‘the 5 love languages which I think everyone should read. Also, I recommend it to anyone not only to if you are in a relationship. I love how this book speaks about love languages. Because we humans have different ways of expressing love and if we learn each other’s love language. This can lead to a better relationship towards your partnership, friendship and to your family. Btw, the 5 love languages are:

  • Words of affirmation 
  • Acts of service 
  • Quality time
  • Physical touch
  • Receiving gifts 

For instance, I am a person who loves encouraging/kind words and compliments. In addition, your partner can prefer other love languages like physical touch. We learned each other’s language and we now unterstand ourselves and the other person much better.

I hope you like my little thoughts about love and my pictures with my pink roses.

See you in the next post!

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