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Rediscovering traditional art

Rediscovering traditional art

Jey in checkered midi dress Jey in checkered midi dress Jey in checkered midi dress Jey in checkered midi dress Jey in checkered midi dress Jey in checkered midi dressSHOP MY LOOK: DRESS // CARDIGAN // BAG // SHOES *sold out

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Happy first day of October, peeps!

I’ve been spending less time on the internet. The reason for that is the rediscovery of traditional art. My interest in art, especially for watercolor (yes you read right – watercolor) was aroused. I spent the last weeks learning a lot about the different types of watercolors, brushes, and papers. Plus, it was quite interesting to see how much you learn in such a short time if you are obsessed with a topic.  A fun fact – I used to hate using watercolor when I was younger. Now, I am appreciating the beautiful art you can create with the different pigments.

I also began to draw again, do you still remember when I talked about how I wanted to connect to my old self in a blog post? I wrote about being creative (not digital!) again. Moreover, I am happy to find a hobby which will bring the fun back to doing art.

Also, I can’t wait to start putting my theoretic knowledge onto paper. Because I ordered a few watercolor supplies that will arrive soon. Maybe, I’ll share the piece on Instagram if I feel confident enough or if it’s presentable.

Are you guys interested in digital or in traditional art?

See you in the next post!

Jey <3

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Shooting portraits with Jey

Shooting portraits with Jey

About JeyAbout Jey

Hey guys!

I’ve always loved well retouched high-quality portraits and I used to go to a photographer for getting those kind of shots. Since I own a camera and enjoy learning to become better with my editing skills. I therefore wanted to share with you these beauty-portraits that I took and edited by myself. Moreover, I will talk briefly about the products I used on my face, my camera equipment and the software I utilize for these pictures.

About JeyAbout Jey About Jey


I rarely wear makeup but when I do, I like to keep it simple and focus on the lips or on the eyes. For both looks I used:


For almost all my pictures I shot with my beloved Sony Alpha 6000. It is such a good and simple camera that offers great quality. The lens that was used for these pictures is the Sony 50mm 1.8 lens. I also like the buttery background and good bokeh that it gives you at an aperture of 1.8. What I don’t like is how the lens handles blacks when it is wide open (1.8). But I am happy with it overall.

By the way, I made use of ordinary lights. Nevertheless, I am planning to invest in some studio lights. And I was standing in front of a plain wall and the wall covered in a golden satin fabric.


Finally, when I do heavy editing, I always go for the good old Photoshop. I remove a few skin blemishes and highlight the parts of my face where the light naturally hits. And no, I don’t smooth the skin out or use filters because that is the lazy way of editing skin. I’ve seen a couple of photographers do that and still have the energy to demand a lot of money for the work.

Aside from that, I created the beautiful brownish gold color tones with Lightroom.

About Jey

My thoughts on social media

My thoughts on social media

Jey in mini green dressJey in mini green dressWith Jean dressThis might be a different type of content but I want to talk about my thoughts on social media. Here are the following topics for today’s blog post:

  • Instagram algorithm
  • engagement on Instagram
  • slow growth
  • losing creativity

I’ve been posting on Instagram and on my blog regularly. Also, on other social media platforms like Twitter and Pinterest. Although I am constantly improving my photography skills and my writing. I still notice slow growth. And I am not the kind of person who follows and unfollows people, buy followers or participate in those engagement groups. I just want people to follow me because they are inspired or just interested in photography or my personal style. Plus, Instagram favors accounts that follow a specific niche.

I try to log off of social media whenever it feels toxic and steals my creativity. Because sometimes you see yourself absorbing too much content from others artists. That you might lose your own creativity which is bad for finding your own style.

Jey with jean dress Jey apple photography Jey in mini green dress With jean dress


My thoughts on social media: The old social media era

Furthermore, I miss the 2014/15 social media era. Where blogging and sharing photos were carefree, unstaged and not full of competition. Don’t get me wrong I, myself shoot pictures that are well thought. But there was a time where I use to post random stuff that I like that don’t have any value to other people. Then I started posting about my everyday life, fashion and sometimes about food. After I noticed that people enjoy my content. I put my interest in one niche. Thus, I started focusing more on fashion content like pieces that I wore and lookbook shoots.

However, the new social media era allows me to connect with like-minded people and be inspired by them. And you can share your work and get noticed by people. In my case, it’s shooting and editing fashion/product editorials. Lastly, I’ve been enjoying the ‘in the moment shots’ that reminds me of the good old days.

Now, I am in a battle where I want to post also about other stuff like food and travels. Also if it means that I could lose followers but that is what makes accounts unique. Am I right?

And no, I don’t want to cry about the Instagram algorithm like everyone else. Because it’s just the way it is, either you go with the flow or you do your own things and live with the consequence.

Please feel free to tell me about your own social media experience.

See you in the next post!

Jey <3

Cardigan – the versatile clothing piece!

Cardigan – the versatile clothing piece!

Jey in brown cardigan Jey in brown cardigan Jey in brown cardigan Jey in brown cardigan Jey in brown cardigan Jey in brown cardigan Jey in brown cardigan


Happy Saturday guys!

I’ve always been a cardigan lover and own a few in my closet.

Since September and autumn are here I wanted to talk about my favorite clothing piece that should be in both men and women’s wardrobe. I don’t know how many times I’ve told Jan he needs one – hahaha 🙂

It’s the perfect clothing for this time of the year because you can wear it as a transitional piece over your dress, t-shirts, and tops. Plus, you can take it off or tie it around your waist if it does get warmer. On the other hand, I suggest you wear it under your jacket or a coat for the cooler months. So you don’t freeze ;-).  Sometimes, I like to wear a thin cardigan and tuck it into my jeans for an effortless look. Have I already said that this piece is versatile? Haha!

Also, cardigans are far from boring you can find them in different lengths (mini-maxi), colors, structures, styles and thickness. Plus, you can style it to your liking.

So how do you style this versatile piece?

We did our first September shooting in lovely Darmstadt. I wore my 501 tapered Levi’s jeans which was a bit too heavy for the weather. The look is followed up with my thick brown cardigan that I own since last year. And, I know for sure that I will wear the heck out of it. By the way, I buy most of my cardigans at H&M or Mango.

Under my cardigan, I wore a grey basic shirt by ASOS. I finished off this overall laid-back look with beige/black slingback pumps and my black bucket bag (I talked on Instagram about this bag, here).

I linked below a few cardigans to shop & see you in the next post!

Jey <3

Structured wall with a black strappy mini dress

Structured wall with a black strappy mini dress

Black strappy mini dress Bali bag woven bag Black strappy mini dress Bali bag woven bag Black strappy mini dress Black strappy mini dress Black strappy mini dressSHOP THE LOOK: black strappy dress // Bali bag // Birkenstock // 90’s sunglasses


This wasn’t a planned shooting but we discovered this wall that had little holes. Plus, I had on a black strappy dress which would look good on pictures with that structured wall.

I kept this look minimal because it was hot as hell. I paired the dress with comfy black Birkenstocks slippers and my Bali bag. This bag might seem small but you can fit in your keys, purse, sunglasses, and some tissues. By the way, can we talk about my sunglasses?! I’ve been loving this kind of sunglasses because they make a simple or plain outfit look unique. Plus this oval metal shaped one is very 90’s inspired.

As the days are getting colder, you can wear the dress with a cozy cardigan, sheer tights and boots. Throw on some necklaces and your favorite bag and you are good to go.

Lastly, I left my hair in its natural state and kept in a half bun and left my newly cut fringe out.

Feel free to read my latest post about my summer pieces & see you in the next post!

Jey <3

Black strappy mini dress