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A weekend photo diary in Büdingen 30-03-2019

A weekend photo diary in Büdingen 30-03-2019

Happy first day of April!!

Today, I wanted to share a few snaps that Jan and I took on a sunny Saturday. We visited Büdingen, it is a small town that is 50 km away from Frankfurt. In Büdingen we went for a walk, drank coffee and enjoyed the spring weather. By the way, I am planning to do more photo diaries in the future, maybe 1-2 posts a month. 😉

I hope you like it.

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Valentine’s Day – a few words about love

Valentine’s Day – a few words about love

In less than a few days is Valentine’s Day but love should always be celebrated! By the way, I wrote a little Valentine’s guide last year which you can read here.

Also, today is the 10th of February that happen to be the day that my boyfriend and I like to celebrate together. Therefore, I wanted to talk about my thoughts on love and self love.

Before we can understand love and show it to humans and animals, we have to learn to love ourselves and accept our flows. Life is too short to worry about some stretch marks and the shape of the body. Instead, we have to focus on becoming better humans.

Furthermore, we have to take time to pamper ourselves it’s like conditioner for the soul. If you know what I am talking about – haha! Once in a week I like to put on hydrating masks, do my nails, wax my body and whiten my teeth.

I was brought up very religious. And, the most important thing that I leaned until now is to show love to others and not to harm. That means don’t treat someone shitty if they choose to do that. Because actions like that have nothing to do with you. A person might be going through bad times. Always be kind and help others in need.

Lastly, I read the love book ‘the 5 love languages which I think everyone should read. Also, I recommend it to anyone not only to if you are in a relationship. I love how this book speaks about love languages. Because we humans have different ways of expressing love and if we learn each other’s love language. This can lead to a better relationship towards your partnership, friendship and to your family. Btw, the 5 love languages are:

  • Words of affirmation 
  • Acts of service 
  • Quality time
  • Physical touch
  • Receiving gifts 

For instance, I am a person who loves encouraging/kind words and compliments. In addition, your partner can prefer other love languages like physical touch. We learned each other’s language and we now unterstand ourselves and the other person much better.

I hope you like my little thoughts about love and my pictures with my pink roses.

See you in the next post!

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Bye bye 2018

Bye bye 2018


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The days before and after Christmas are the busiest for me because I spent much time with family and my partner. Lastly, I have to run a few errands before the year is over.

Let’s summarize 2018 in 3 words: personal growth • creativity • struggle

This year was quite a roller coaster for me because the universe tested me a lot. I was about to give up on my dreams. Plus, I am quite a crybaby due to my water sign (my star sign is cancer if you haven’t known by now – haha). This year taught me to accept that things in life change and sometimes you have to take another direction to make it. Also, I made a promise to myself to be braver in my actions and not to care about other people’s opinions. Furthermore, I want to be more open to new opportunities. Thus, I am ready for the dark unknown paths of life. I am also emotionally and physically stronger because I am trying to leave my anxiety behind. My biggest weakness is overthinking and perfectionism. Therefore, as I’ve mentioned I want to take more action and ‘think less’. Lastly, I am really glad that I am taking my health more seriously and try to do sports at least twice a week.

Creativity is written big this year. I am improving my photography and my editing skills. I even started to edit short clips for Instagram. Reintroducing traditional art into my hobby was my biggest joy of the year. For me, it’s a form of meditation and therapy. And, I draw and paint as often as I can.

Something to be excited for in 2019

Finally, I will marry my best friend in summer and I will let y’all know where and when. By the way, Jan and I got engaged in beautiful Croatia in October 2017.

Now to the last words… I want to thank my family and friends for everything and I want to thank you for reading and liking my content ❤️ , it means a lot to me. Now, I am more confident in the things that I do as failure makes you stronger. All in all, I am satisfied with 2018 and I am so ready for the next lessons of 2019!

The Mustard outfit

The Mustard outfit

Jey in mustard jumper Jey in mustard jumper Jey in mustard jumper

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Happy Wednesday peeps!

It’s been a minute and I have to admit that I’ve been lacking in inspiration. Even the most genius people lack creative motivation sometimes. That’s why I don’t want to be so hard on myself. Plus, I have been putting my energy on different things like building a small sustainable business, drawing and spending time with my loved ones. I also think that if you do something completely different it can help you gain your creativity back! Okay, enough with the long introduction!!

On Saturday we drove to our favorite city Frankfurt. We ran a few errands and visited a new spot to grab a cup of coffee. The coffee at Wacker’s Kaffee shop was very good – much better than Starbucks! Moreover, I didn’t even know that it was a very well known Café in Frankfurt.

Wackers Kaffee Frankfurt

After that, we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Where we ordered kimchi, miso soup, fried rice and much more. I highly recommend you to check MoschMosch if you haven’t done it already. ?

MoschMosch Fried Rice
Vegan Fried Rice with veggies

I decided to go with a not so new outfit which is from last year but I haven’t paired the pieces together.

I like to infuse colors like red, orange and yellow to bring some warmth into an outfit. Therefore, I opted for a mustard colored thick jumper. I think I won’t ever get rid of this jumper because it goes with everything in my opinion. I can see myself wearing it over a midi/maxi dress/skirt in black. Also, it can be worn with skinny high waisted jeans in blue and black or tucked in some comfy mom jeans.

As you can see, I wore my checked pants over black tights to keep my body warm. The checked print was very popular last year and I am very glad that it is still trendy at the moment. This vintage print/pattern will stay with us for a long time. So keep your checked prints :-)! Lastly, I completed the whole look with my black Chelsea boots which you have seen so many times.

Jey in mustard jumper Jey in mustard jumper Jey in mustard jumper

I hope you enjoyed the little update and see you in the next post!

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Rediscovering traditional art

Rediscovering traditional art

Jey in checkered midi dress Jey in checkered midi dress Jey in checkered midi dress Jey in checkered midi dress Jey in checkered midi dress Jey in checkered midi dressSHOP MY LOOK: DRESS // CARDIGAN // BAG // SHOES *sold out

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Happy first day of October, peeps!

I’ve been spending less time on the internet. The reason for that is the rediscovery of traditional art. My interest in art, especially for watercolor (yes you read right – watercolor) was aroused. I spent the last weeks learning a lot about the different types of watercolors, brushes, and papers. Plus, it was quite interesting to see how much you learn in such a short time if you are obsessed with a topic.  A fun fact – I used to hate using watercolor when I was younger. Now, I am appreciating the beautiful art you can create with the different pigments.

I also began to draw again, do you still remember when I talked about how I wanted to connect to my old self in a blog post? I wrote about being creative (not digital!) again. Moreover, I am happy to find a hobby which will bring the fun back to doing art.

Also, I can’t wait to start putting my theoretic knowledge onto paper. Because I ordered a few watercolor supplies that will arrive soon. Maybe, I’ll share the piece on Instagram if I feel confident enough or if it’s presentable.

Are you guys interested in digital or in traditional art?

See you in the next post!

Jey <3

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