Italy photo diary 2019

Italy photo diary 2019

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Whenever I travel, I always feel inspired to collect pictures and summarize the beautiful moments of the trip.

9th of October

After our wedding (I will still make a post about it), we wanted to have a little honeymoon getaway and decided to drive to Italy. To explore the 5 villages ( Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore). It took us over 9 hours to arrive in La Spezia. Our Airbnb crib was very clean and much beautiful than expected. On the first evening, we didn’t see much of the city and went to a Pizzeria which was recommended by our Airbnb host -thank you again, Margarita! We ordered Pizza and it was so yummy!!

10th of October

We stayed in La Spezia and explored the city. We walked a loooot but the weather was beautiful! After that, we headed off to Porto Venere where we had the most beautiful view and sunset ever. Then the evening was completed with a delicious Ligurian dinner.

11th of October

Jan and I drove by car to Monterosso and had a relaxed beach day. Monterosso is the first of the 5 villages that we visited.

12th of October

The first time on a boat. We explored the two of the (5) Cinque Terre villages. Our first stop was at Manarola and the last at Riomaggiore. In the cities, we walked a lot, spent much time on the beach, drank coffee and had lunch. Finally, our evening was completed with a visit to the infamous  Nessun Dorma where we had a large food platter and an amazing view.

13th of October

After yesterday’s exhausting day, we had a chilled beach day at Baia Blu. Baia Blu is normally a private beach but only a few people were there and we enjoyed the quietness and the beauty of the sea.

14th of October

We finally got to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

15th of October

It was a rainy and grey day but we decided to see the last villages by train and bus. Our first stop was at Corniglia, a little village that has tiny alleys. Also, we drank good wine because Corniglia is known for its vineyards. It is the only village that didn’t have a beach.

Finally, we visited Vernazza and ate ice cream and had delicious dinner there.

16th of October

Sadly… it’s time to say goodbye, but first a quick stop in Como. The weather was beautiful and I could still wear a summer dress. We didn’t stay long and just had lunch there.

 La Spezia harbor Porto Venere Monterosso beach A boat day to Riomaggiore & ManarolaDelicious Italian food Riomaggiore with my baby My fave village: Manarola      Baia Blu The Leaning Tower of Pisa Corniglia Sea view in CornigliaHello Vernazza! Lake of Como I hope you enjoyed the photo diary.

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