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All black look

All black look

Jey in an all black look Jey with a pendant necklace Jey in an all black look Jey in black combat boots Jey in an all black look Jey in an all black look Jey in an all black look


BLOUSE (similar – similar)/ JEANS / BOOTS / BAG / NECKLACE


Hey, peeps!

Today I wanted to share with you my outfit and what I have been up to.

The past week I’ve been just “living life”. We went to the cinemas and ate at good restaurants. In addition, we visited two concerts. Kendrick’s concert in Frankfurt and Russ‘ in Düsseldorf. I love going to concerts because it is always great to see your favorite artists on stage. Especially when the audience and the overall vibe is magical. Furthermore, we stayed for one night in a hotel in Düsseldorf.

Now back to my outfit…

It was a quite sunny day and I didn’t know what to put on. So, I threw on some black pieces for this shot. Since I haven’t posted an all black look here on the blog, I thought it would be a good idea. Before you ask, no – I am not attending a funeral.

My black blouse is from Mango, when I saw it I immediately fell in love with it due to the overall details and the puffy arms. Also, I don’t have something like this in my wardrobe. This statement-blouse makes every outfit pop. My pants are from ASOS and I have them for quite some time and they are really comfortable. The leather combat boots are also from ASOS. They do make the look edgy. I kept the look in one tone/monochromatic but you know an outfit is never finished without the right accessories. That’s why, I put my favorite dainty golden necklace on and carried my Longchamp bag which is also in the color black.

What have you been up to or want to see more?



P.S. Check here my last blog post. 🙂

Life update #2

Life update #2

About Jey
Me standing in the middle of our little X-mas shopping.


It‘s been a while where I shared a bit of my personal life. Also, Christmas is knocking on the door and the year is almost over, I thought this would be a good idea. The past months I was quite busy. We celebrated friends and family birthdays. By the way, I had a lot going on in my life that was on the good and the bad side. Luckily, I didn’t let these issues affect my mental health.

Last week I spent most of the time in bed because I was ill and had little to no strength. A few days ago, I and my better half celebrated our anniversary, we are since 7 years together.

Since I love food and fashion I am really thinking to keep aboutjey more in the fashion/personal way and showing you the things I like. Therefore I want to open a more business related page where I focus on a different niche. But I don’t know yet. If I do decide, I will let you know.

A few words to 2017

I am really happy for the person I have become. And I don’t want to waste my time with things that don’t make me happy or don’t feel right. That is why my main and constant goal is to grow mentally and spiritually. This year showed me that way different and uncommon things can catch my interest.

Sadly, some people that were at the beginning of the year by my side won’t be there in 2018 anymore. That is life – I learned that people stay or leave so that they can teach you a lesson.

To put it in a nutshell, I know that 2018 will be great because I will just focus on positive things and stay open to new things.

Feel free to let me know how your year was and which lesson you’ve learned.



How to be more Positive

How to be more Positive

Today I want to talk about staying positive. What I do to be more positive and how I deal with negative thoughts.

Lately, I have been letting negative energy into my life. And I have noticed that my thoughts changed me in a way that I wasn’t proud of. Those thoughts aka negativity made me do and say things I would never say. Furthermore, those negative thoughts, made me feel anxious and sad.

Now, you would ask yourself what did I do to overcome this and turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts? My answer would be – change your mind and thoughts! Because you are able to control your subconscious mind. When I started doing that, everything that happened didn’t affect nor consigned me anymore. I didn’t allow anything to control or change my happiness because I wanted to be the one that is in control of my emotions.

About Jey

Ways to be more positive

– Be more grateful
– Not taking things personally
– Feeding my “subconscious mind” with positive pictures and
– Telling myself that I would conquer the world, haha!
– Lastly, not giving a fuck anymore

Also, it is important that you believe in good things and in yourself. Because if you don’t do that, how can you build more positivity into your life? 🙂

This is my personal way of being more positive in life. I hope I could help you guys or tell me what you do.

P.S. I really enjoyed writing this little post, because it made me smile. 🙂 & if you want to know more about the subconscious mind, I would recommend you this book.

Life Update

Life Update

About JeyAbout JeyAbout JeyAbout Jey Birthday About Jey Birthday Cake

My look: Top – H&M // jeans – here / here // shoes – similar // cardigan – H&M



I thought I would share with you what I have been up to and what I am planning.

On Sunday, I celebrated with my loved ones my 27th birthday. Funny thing is, that the day before my brother celebrated his own, too. That means we always celebrate twice. On my birthday I ate so much food, I think I have to go on a diet or finally start with sport – haha.

My lovely little brother baked the most delicious apple cake ever. It was so juicy.

Do you like the latest pictures? They were taken with my new 50mm lens which was the best gift ever.

Then on monday after work, Jan’s parents visited us and celebrated my birthday in the evening.

Furthermore I’m happy to announce that I will travel with my most favorite travel buddy to Amsterdam for 3 days. We were there 3 years ago. I’m so excited because it means exploring the city with a new view, eating lots of food and taking heaps of photos with my love. So please stay tuned.

Also, in a few days, I will post some food and lookbook entries.

Thank you for sticking with me till now!

See you in the next post <3!


Hallo ihr Lieben,

ich wollte euch mal berichten, was ich die Tage so gemacht habe und was ich auch in der Zukunft machen werde.

Am Sonntag habe ich mit meiner Familie und meinem Freund meinen Geburtstag gefeiert. Mein Bruder hat immer ein Tag vor mir Geburtstag. D.h. dass wir immer doppelt feiern 🙂

Es gab soviel leckeres Zeug zu essen und sogar einen gebackenen Kuchen von meinem kleinen Bruder.

Wie findet ihr die Bilder so? Die wurden mit meinem neuen Objektiv geschossen.

Am Montag haben wir mit Jans Eltern meinen Geburtstag nachgefeiert.

Zum Schluss möchte ich euch noch sagen, dass wir ab Mitte Juli für ein paar Tage nach Amsterdam fahren werden. Ich freue mich schon so sehr darauf. Wir waren vor 3 Jahren schonmal dort. 

Danke, dass ihr immer dabei seid, wir sehen uns im nächsten Post! <3

20 facts about me

20 facts about me

facts about meThe best way that you’ll get to know me is when I introduce myself with some facts about me.

People who follow me on my instagram know a bit about me. Here I will talk/write about the things that I love like fashion, food, photography and some personal stuff. I’m excited to see in which direction my page will go.

aboutjey facts about me

20 facts about me

1. My full name is Jennifer Chidimma
2. My 2nd name is Igbo/Nigeria
3. I have 5 younger brothers and 1 half sister
4. I’m 26 years old
5. I’m a cancer baby!
6. I can’t really swim
7. Therefore I’m really scared of underwater animals especially the ones with 8 arms
8. I drink a ton of tea
9. I’m shy and quite an introvert when I meet new people
10. I only have a few friends
11. I have a degree in business administration
12. When I was younger I always wanted to be my own boss.. I’m still working on that one
13. I barely add weight
14. I love being black.. self love is very important
15. I’m a sucker for movies & series
16. I’m in a committed relationship since 6 years
17. My mum & boyfriend are my best friends
18. When I was younger I was the fastest female runner
19. I love singing but I have to work on my vocals
20. I love taking pictures with my Sony camera * – the best one ever!

*contains adlink