Jey’s Valentine’s Day Guide

Jey’s Valentine’s Day Guide

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In a few days, Valentine’s Day is knocking on the door. Also, V-Day is not just for couples and lovebirds. If I want to be honest, it’s also a day to pamper yourself because love always starts with self-love.

My fiancé and I don’t take the V-day that serious because every day is a day to celebrate love. Don’t you agree with me? 🙂 We mostly spend the day together and go out for a delicious dinner.

Jey in a nude dress for Valentine's DaySo here is my personal Valentine’s Day guide for couples and singles:

Throw on a cute dress
You can’t go wrong with dresses on Valentine’s Day. It can be nude like the one I have on. Or it can be a floral dress, cocktail dress, maxi or short. It really just depends on your mood. 🙂

Focus on your lipstick
I wouldn’t go crazy with makeup. Just keep it simple and focus on your lip makeup. Opt for a bright red or a pink lipstick that suits your skin tone.

Throw on beautiful/sexy underwear
Isn’t it crazy that immediately we put on some sexy underwear we feel sexy, confident and powerful? Or am I the only one?! You can find cute lingerie on ASOS (here/here/here).

Take a relaxing bath alone or with your special one
First of all, place some candles around the tube before taking a bath. Turn on your favorite music which touches your soul – haha I’m just kidding. I promise you, this takes your mood and wellbeing to whole other levels.

Watch a romantic film on Netflix or go to the cinemas with your partner or friend
I would recommend:
fifty shades of grey (cinema)
The end of the f****** world (Netflix)
The notebook
Me before you
The fault in our stars

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And lastly, lots of roses ?

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day, if yes what do you do?

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