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Travel Guide – Bol, Island Brac

Travel Guide – Bol, Island Brac

This post is my personal travel guide for the beautiful island Bol. In addition I wanted to share some pics of our last stay in Croatia. 🙂

Bol Brac Port
The Port of Bol, Brac

My personal travel guide – Bol


Our crip

Our view

We stayed 6 nights at our wonderful airbnb apartment from Adria Tours which you can find here. That apartment offered a very beautiful view. The mentioned apartment was 10 min away from the catamaran pier. When we arrived the Adria Tours Team picked us up at the port and drove us to our apartment.


Port of Split Croatia
Port of Split, Croatia

We flew by plan and landed at the airport of Split. From there we had to take a bus to the Port of Split. At the port we took a catamaran that brought you twice a day to the island Brac, Bol. Due to our early flight back home on the last day, we took the catamaran at 6:24 which is very early for me.


We visited two beaches. Once, we were at the Kotlina Beach. By the way, you can read the post here. Most of the time we stayed at the stony beach bay next to the famous beach Zlatni rat.

For your information: Zlatni Rat is really famous for its interesting shape. 5 years ago we were there. But this time we didn’t visit it because we preferred the little beach bay much more.


Pizzeria Topolino Bol Brac
Gigantic pizza at Topolino

Bol offers many spots for food and drinks. The most famous restaurants are: Pumparela and Topolino, both give you a beautiful view of the Bol pier. Also, where you can eat for bigger portion and for much less money is at Konoba Mendula. Their salad bar and service are awesome. The only downside is that the place is more hidden and is not at the port like the other restaurants. Furthermore there are many cafes where you can simply sit and catch a coffee with a beautiful view of the turquoise water 😉

Lastly before I forget – Croatia belongs to the EU you can pay in many places with euro instead of Kunas. But to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend changing due to high currency change fees.

A day at the Kotlina Beach

A day at the Kotlina Beach

Kotlina Beach
Kotlina Beach
chapel of St John & Theodor the Dominican
Chappel of St John & Theodor the Dominican
Bijela Kuća Beach
Bijela Kuća Beach

On Thursday, we visited the beautiful Kotlina Beach.

You can find this picture perfect beach if you head east from the Bol harbor. Then you pass a restaurant called Ribarska which was closed on that day. We took another way and passed an old school that was sprayed with graffitis and walked the stairs down and saw the beautiful Kotlina Beach on the right.  If you look on the right side, you will see the other beach that is called Bijela Kuća beach. A cliff separates the Kotlina beach from the Bijela Kuca beach. Also, a stony path connects both beaches.

The Kotlina beach was our favorite because it wasn’t crowded like the other one. Furthermore, the beach offers some shade and is as I said picture perfect. Besides, we stayed there until the sun sets down

At the end, we hung around the ancient chapel of St John & Theodor, which is located to the beach. Thankfully an old German couple was so friendly to take photos of me and my fiancé.

Feel free to read my first post of Bol. 🙂


Bol Brac – My heart

Bol Brac – My heart

Bol Brac
Bol harbour
Our view & breakfast 🙂
Beach near famous Zlatni Rat

What can I say?

Two days ago, we arrived in Bol. Bol is located in the south of the isle Brac in Croatia. You can reach everything here on foot because it is a small place.

Some of you who know or follow me on Instagram, might know that the isle has a special place in my heart. The reason why this place is so magical to me, is that I have been here 5 years ago. It was the first couple-vacation of Jan and me. It’s really crazy how time flies by… Therefore, walking through Bol definitely wakes up old memories.

In that evening we went to Topolino and ate a gigantic Pizza which was very cheap.
Yesterday was a beach day for us. We took many pictures as always. Then next to the famous beach Zlatni Rat, we found a quiet place to soak up the sun.

After stuffing our bellies at Pumparella, we went for a walk and talked about the beautiful memories.

AW17 with my white Pumps

AW17 with my white Pumps

About Jey About Jey About Jey Editorial About Jey About Jey Frankfurt White Pumps About Jey FrankfurtCardigan / T-shirt / Jeans / Shoes / Bag


This is my second autumn outfit that is on my blog.  On Friday we took the time to shoot these pictures in Frankfurt.

As you might see, I kept this look quite dark because we are entering into the colder months. But I tried to spice it up with white details.

I wore my favorite thick brown cardigan. Which you have seen in my other posts. Also, I paired this autumn look with my black shirt and comfy jeans from Levi’s. The highlight of my outfit are my granny white pumps.  They have the perfect heel and are very comfortable. By the way, I think my white pumps give my outfit a vintage touch. Don’t you think the same? Lastly, I completed the whole look with my cute bag from Jessica Buurman.

How to be more Positive

How to be more Positive

Today I want to talk about staying positive. What I do to be more positive and how I deal with negative thoughts.

Lately, I have been letting negative energy into my life. And I have noticed that my thoughts changed me in a way that I wasn’t proud of. Those thoughts aka negativity made me do and say things I would never say. Furthermore, those negative thoughts, made me feel anxious and sad.

Now, you would ask yourself what did I do to overcome this and turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts? My answer would be – change your mind and thoughts! Because you are able to control your subconscious mind. When I started doing that, everything that happened didn’t affect nor consigned me anymore. I didn’t allow anything to control or change my happiness because I wanted to be the one that is in control of my emotions.

About Jey

Ways to be more positive

– Be more grateful
– Not taking things personally
– Feeding my “subconscious mind” with positive pictures and
– Telling myself that I would conquer the world, haha!
– Lastly, not giving a fuck anymore

Also, it is important that you believe in good things and in yourself. Because if you don’t do that, how can you build more positivity into your life? 🙂

This is my personal way of being more positive in life. I hope I could help you guys or tell me what you do.

P.S. I really enjoyed writing this little post, because it made me smile. 🙂 & if you want to know more about the subconscious mind, I would recommend you this book.