Autumn Look with my new Pierce Pag

Autumn Look with my new Pierce Pag

Faux fur west – Primark (old)
Jeans – HERE
Shoes – ASOS
Sunglasses – Mango
Bag – Jessica Buurmann /similar


Last week was such an exhausting week. Thankfully, we finally found time to shoot this look on Saturday.

After that, we had late breakfast and went mobile phone hunting for the babe in Frankfurt. Jan decided to go to Team Android.  Therefore he bought a Samsung Galaxy S8+ after using his iPhones since more than 6 years. I’m still thinking if I should switch too, but we’ll see. 🙂

As I have said, we drove to Frankfurt and took these pictures of my first autumn look. I wore my old faux fur west on top of my white blouse which I forgot to iron – please bear with me. Haha! I paired my grey jeans with my mules from ASOS, that looks like the Princeton Slippers from Gucci. Lastly, I threw on my new vintage sunglasses from Mango.

Now let’s move on to the most important part – my new bag.  I saw the Pierce bag the first time by J.W.Anderson and quickly fell in love. But it was out of reach for me because I don’t wanted to spend so much money for a trendy bag. When I found out that Jessica Buurman had the same one for a much lower price point and great quality, I couldn’t resist. 🙂  Jessica Buurman is an online shop where you can order designer lookalikes for great quality and a hella low price. You should definitely check their page out. Also, you will receive 10 % on your first order, so rush! I ordered my bag last month and it took very long to arrive in Germany.

By the way, the Pierce bag is available in 3 colors and is made out of leather. And this particular one is named ‘Elise bag’ on their page.

What do you guys think of my new bag?

See you in my next post!

Jey <3


Simple Pho Chay Recipe

Simple Pho Chay Recipe

Today I wanted to share with you my own version of making vegetarian Pho soup aka Pho Chay. As the days are getting colder and we have welcomed September, I thought why not share one of my favorite soups.

Please keep in mind, that this dish is inspired by a Vietnamese cuisine and this is the way I love making my own soup.

Pho Chay is the vegetarian or vegan version from Pho Bo. Pho means soup in Vietnamese and Chay stands for vegetables.

As you might know, I always try to keep my recipes short and quick.

Ingredients for Pho Chay 2 p.

3x cloves

2x star anise

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1x big onion

1 thumb sized ginger

2-3 x pak choi

1 liter of vegetable stock

1 teaspoon of soy sauce

lastly, some cilantro, spring onions, Thai chili, sprouts and Thai basil

Instructions for the Pho Chay

1.First of all put the spices ( anise star, cloves and cinnamon) in the heated pot and roast it a bit.

2. After that throw in the halved onions and ginger and roast them with the spices together until the color turns.

3. Then add in 1 liter of vegetable stock water and let the broth cook with the other ingredients.

4. Now it is time to throw in the vegetables that you like – my choice: pak choi & carrots

5. Season the broth with soy sauce and let the broth simmer for 15 minutes. After that remove the spices, ginger and onions out of the broth.

6. At this same time cook your rice noodles according to the package instruction.

7. After that take a separate plate where I add my favorites vegetables like Asian basil, sprouts, Thai chili, spring onions and cilantro.

8. The final & fun part: take a bowl and put in your cooked noodles, herbs and pour in your yummy broth and enjoy!

I hope you like this Pho Chay recipe and if you do, please leave a comment.

P.S. Don’t forget to serve the Pho Chay with hoisin and sriracha sauce!!

Jey <3


Editorial: Minimalist Fashion with a hint of green

Editorial: Minimalist Fashion with a hint of green

About Jey About Jey

About Jey Minimalistic Style

About Jey Minimalistic Style About Jey Minimalistic Style About Jey Minimalistic Style

Striped Blouse – HERE/HERE // Dress – HERE // Sunglasses – Rayban // Watch – Casio // Shoes – H&M  *may have adlinks


Hello September – I can’t believe that in 4 months we’ll say hello to 2018. The time went way too fast for my liking 😉

Last weekend we shot this look. This time I kept it very simple if you compare it to my last outfit.

I have been loving the minimalist and monochromic look. My understanding of the whole minimalistic style is only combining 2-3 colors. The main colors are black and white. If you want to add colors to your minimalistic outfit, I would recommend a forest green, dark red and any blue tones. All those colors work perfectly with black and white

Now let’s head back to my outfit: For this look, I chose a basic black dress that I dressed up with my striped blouse. Right now, I’m a sucker for everything that has stripes. I think I will wear things with stripes until I die – haha, no I’m just kidding ;-). And the only colors besides black and white, that I added to my outfit is my green mule shoes, which I really love because they are so comfortable. Trust me!

As you can see, I had no makeup on. Therefore, I put on sunglasses, so that I look more put together. I think that sunglasses always give an outfit a “fashionable taste”. Don’t you think the same?

By the way, I’m still experimenting with my own personal look. Because on the one hand I love the minimalistic, monochromic vintage esque look, but on the other hand I enjoy colorful and trendy colors/looks. So please don’t be surprised about the upcoming fashion posts!

I hope you like the post, feel free to leave a comment and please tell me if you are battling with your own personal style. 🙂

Jey <3


Healthy Thai Red Curry

Healthy Thai Red Curry

Thai Red Curry RiceI’m someone who doesn’t like spending much time in the kitchen. Especially when you come home from work! I guess that many of you think the same way as I do. Unless you guys cook professionally, love cooking or have a family to feed.

By the way, if you follow a healthy lifestyle like me. Then I’m probably sure that you have veggies in your fridge and a packet full of rice. Therefore, this Thai Red Curry with vegetables and rice will be the perfect dish for you. The only thing you will need is red curry paste and good old coconut milk.

The Thai red curry paste is the main ingredient and it is made out of dried chilis, lemon grass, garlic, galangal and much more. Remember, for this recipe you can always opt for different veggies.

Vegetables for Thai Coconut Curry

For the Thai red curry recipe, you’ll need

200 ml of coconut milk
50 ml of water
2-3 table spoon of Thai red curry – bought my own here
1x courgette
1x yellow bell pepper
5x mushrooms
1/2 broccoli head
2x Thai Chili
1x garlic
1x shallot
1 tsp of sesame oil
salt & pepper to taste


Thai Red Curry Paste
Thai Red Curry Paste mixed with a bit of coconut milk

1. cook your rice according to the package direction, but don’t forget to wash it prior cooking because it tastes so much better

2. fry the cut shallot, garlic and Thai chillis in sesame oil until they turned translucent

3. now add the red curry paste and a little bit of coconut milk, so that you’ll have a creamy consistency.

4. mix everything together until you get a smooth liquid with no clumps.

5. pour in the remaining milk and the veggies that need longer time to cook like: broccoli and carrots.

6. throw in the remaining veggies that you have and season it with salt & pepper.

7. cook for 10 minutes on low medium heat and serve the rice on a plate with the sauce. Bonne Appetit!

Thai Red Curry with Rice and Vegetables Thai Red Curry with Rice and Vegetables

see you in my next post!

Jey <3



About Jey About Jey About Jey About Jey About Jey Pink outfit About Jey Pink OutfitBlouse – h&m // White jeans – here // Shoes – Topshop  // Sunglasses – sheinside // Bag – mango        *adlinks


Sometimes I have days where I’m bored by simple, minimalistic or monochrome looks. To spice it up I wore an all pink outfit. It might be too much for some of you guys but I really felt comfortable and cute on that day.

Now to the pink outfit:

I put on my pink new shoes that I got from Topshop and paired it with my pink striped blouse and bag. And to take it up a notch, I even throw on my pink glasses that are 70ies inspired which I bought on sheinside. Also, You guys have to check their page out. They really have good stuff and designer inspired items for a hella good price. Trust me!

Maybe you have noticed. I have been trying to put a little bit of creativity into my fashion posts. So it doesn’t always look the same or boring. Haha!

Wish you an awesome Sunday and please tell me what you think of my pink outfit.

Jey <3