Sunsets and a mini checked dress

Sunsets and a mini checked dress

Mini checked dress by Bershka Mini checked dress by Bershka Mini checked dress by Bershka Mini checked dress by Bershka Mini checked dress by Bershka Mini checked dress by Bershka

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Happy Friday peeps, the week went way to fast.. I feel as I am getting older the time moves quicker.

What are you guys doing on the weekend? Jan and me will be spending time together with cooking, driving to the city and family.

I am a sucker for sunset pictures. I would like to shoot in the early morning too when everybody is still sleeping. Unfortunately, it might be difficult because I am not a morning person if you didn’t know by now – I am more of a night owl. Haha!

Furthermore, I love the golden vibes and colors sunsets give my pictures as you can see. Especially, when it’s been very hot the whole day. Due to the weather cooling down a bit, shooting makes much more fun without sweating our butts off.

We took the picture near the train station in our village when the sun was about to go down. It wasn’t cold that day but I threw on a cardigan in order to pose and play a little bit with the camera. Under the cardigan, I had on my mini checked dress by Bershka which I bought in Vienna for a while. In this heatwave, I love throwing on dresses and skirts and avoid to wear things that touch my pits. So, I don’t sweat much more.

Finally, I finished my outfit off with my black sandals. Which I wrote about in my summer shoes blog post.

See you in the next post.

Jey <3

7 shoes every girl should have for summer

7 shoes every girl should have for summer

Summer shoes sandals 2018

*a few shoes are sold out but I linked alternatives.

Today I’m talking about my 7 favorite summer shoes. All of them are comfortable and can be worn in the hot summer months. I tend to wear sandals, mules and everything breathable on the hotter days because my feet need to breathe too! 😉 Also, I think they deserve to do that because they carry us everywhere.

1. Dallas Sandals by Topshop

Dallas square sandals by TopshopThe first time I saw them on the Topshop site and on some bloggers I directly fell in love. The color of the sandals are red but they have a faux snakeskin print. Since animal prints are trendy right now, I wrote a blog post on that topic.

I haven’t worn them that much yet but I can definitely say that they are comfortable. Moreover, I love the girly and sexy vibe these shoes give when you pair it with white/beige pants, skirts, trousers and much more. The reason why I choose a brighter color is, that it makes the red pop much more.

2. Sandals with multiple straps by Mango

beige sandals straps by MangoI can just say that these are the perfect nudes for my skin tone. Also, they have become one of my favorites in the past weeks. The heel isn’t so high and is perfect for long walks. Due to the nude color, these sandals can give your outfit a  more polished/elegant look.

3. Slingbacks by Heine

Slingback pumps HeineThese beige slingback pumps are the perfect dupe for the  Chanel pumps with a better price tag. I like to wear the shoes with ankle high pants or a bright flowy dress.

4. Arizona sandals by Birkenstock

Birkenstock Gizeh blackThe Birkenstock sandals are my second favorite shoes in my collection because these are the shoes I like to wear If I don’t want to try so much or just want to dress my outfit down. It’s more for a laid-back style.

5. Yellow Satin Slides by Zara

Yellow Satin slides by ZaraLast year I bought the Zara slides due to the beautiful bow tie details. Also, I think that these particular slides make your feet look pretty decent. Just combine colors that go well with the mustard of the slides.

6. Miista Hemma White Pump form Williamsburg

White pumps by Miista shoesHere are my pumps that are from a brand that is based in London and produced in Spain. The vintage style of the pumps made me buy them on Zalando. In addition, I love the square shaped silhouette and the low cork heel that put a bit of a contrast on the white leather. The pumps go well with jeans, skirts, dresses and therefore, make your outfit put together.

7. Loupe by Dune

Loupe leather sandals DuneThey say the best comes last. And if you could only choose one shoe from my summer collection. I would suggest these sandals by the British company Dune. Because it is of great quality and the design is just classic which means you can wear it every summer. Furthermore, the sandals are very comfortable. And, thankfully there is no need to break them in.

Lastly, the leather Loupe sandals go well with any outfit of your choice. By the way, I am planning to buy another one in the color white.

Summer shoes sandals 2018Which summer shoes do you like the most?

See you in the next post!

Jey <3

The leo print trend is everywhere!

The leo print trend is everywhere!

Jey in leo print Leo print animal print Jey in leo print Jey in leo print Cinco Dylan necklace



I finally jumped onto the Leo print bandwagon because animal prints are trendy right now. Maybe, you have seen insta girls and fashionistas wearing dresses, skirts (mini – maxi), blouses and swimwear in that particular print.

When I was younger, I think 13 or something like that. I really disliked the Leopard print because I found it tacky and ugly. Also, the print was associated with sex in the 90s – 00s. Even underwear in that print was considered indecent in that time. The bad thing was, that I was conditioned by society to think the same damn way. Which is very stupid, because at the end of a day it is a piece of clothing that has animal prints. Also, isn’t it crazy that people think they know about people’s sexual habits/sexuality due to a certain print?

Sure, some will say that you are what you wear. But I am convinced that people just enjoy the print and can wear whatever the fuck they want to wear. If you wear band tees, that doesn’t mean you are a rock chick. Maybe you enjoy the band or you simply like the style of the T-shirt. And, there is nothing bad about it. So, I hope that we stop judging people unconsciously for the choice of their clothing. Okay – enough with the rambling. 😉

How to style the Leo print trend

Since the Leo print is a statement piece, I would always go with colors like white, grey, black and beige. A Leo skirt can be paired with a white or a black T-shirt or top of any sleeve length. The tops can be plain or have minimalistic prints. A top or a blouse with prints looks good with a button down midi skirt in beige or in light brown. Furthermore, you can wear any shoe you love, I would opt for white sneakers like Allstars Converse chucks or black sandals.

I’ve also fallen for the Leo print trend and wore a lightweight blouse by H&M, distressed jeans skirt with the matching 90s sunglasses to complete the vintage vibes of my outfit.

Now, on to the big no. Never mix the Leo with zebra/snake print because it can look disguised. And please don’t combine the animal print with polka dots, stripes and so on.

See you in the next post!

Jey <3


Going back to my roots

Going back to my roots

Jey brown beige outfit Burberry Small Banner Jey brown beige outfit Jey Portraits Burberry Small Banner SHOP THE LOOK:  CARDIGAN /PANTS / SHOES / BURBERRY BAG


Last week I celebrated my birthday. And I want to thank my Mama and the universe that I can experience life with all its ups and downs. And this brought me to the idea to talk about my past passions.

Age 27 was a time that thought me many lessons because I’ve experienced a lot of failures. And, I am glad that I experienced those obstacles to become stronger mentally and emotionally and cope with the future. Furthermore, I am happy for the woman that I’ve become/can still become because I am constantly learning. But I am still the hopeless romantic girl and the daydreamer that I’ve been since I can remember. This means that I accept myself and I don’t want to ever give up these characteristics.

Lately, I want to be more in touch with my roots. My roots are what you can consider your ‘old self’. Which stands for something I enjoyed doing in my very early childhood. I think that time defines you and shows you your real passion because as a child you did what made you fun and you weren’t so influenced by your parents, friend and others. Also, you didn’t do what was cool or trendy at that time.

As a little child and a teenager, I loved drawing portraits of my family and people in magazines. Sometimes, I drew anime cartoons too. Furthermore, I like to sing to good vocalists and write my own sort of poems and song texts.

In conclusion, I just want to spend more time drawing, singing and writing. You know connecting to your true self and practicing your passion is a life goal.

Do you have things that you enjoyed in your childhood?



Feeling the yellow

Feeling the yellow

About Jey Yellow Outfit About Jey Yellow Outfit About Jey Yellow Outfit About Jey About Jey Yellow Outfit Mango gold sandalsAbout Jey Yellow Outfit


Hey guys, 

Since summer is right at the corner. I wanted to share with you the look I had on a while ago. I thought, why not make an editorial style lookbook that features the love I currently have for yellow.

In a psychological way, it’s crazy how certain colors can lift or reduce your mood instantly. Like how the sun and its ‘yellow’ are known for lightening the mood.

Yellow comes in different undertones, that means everyone will find a yellow tone that fits any undertone and skin color. Due to my neutral, olive undertone, I can easily pull off yellows in a neutral and sometimes warmer tone. Therefore colder yellow doesn’t look good on my skin color. You can find your undertone if you look at your wrists vein. That means:

  • blue veins – cold undertone
  • blue/green or purple veins – neutral undertone
  • green – warm undertone

I paired my fav pants with a yellow polka dot blouse and comfortable bow tie sandals. By the way, I bought my sandals last year and the tone of the shoes are more on the golden site.

But If you are a person who doesn’t like to work with colors. And, you prefer to just grab neutral or monochromatic colors. Then opt for accessories like sandals or slippers in yellow or gold tones. If you like dainty pieces go with gold jewelry.

Let’s move on to the technical site. We used the good old Sony A6000 as always. We shot with the 50 mm lens which gives a beautiful blurry background and it’s the perfect lens for portraits/fashion shots. In addition, I used Lightroom to play with the color of the images.

I hope you enjoyed the different editing style of the pictures. Read my latest blog post here.


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