Springy outfits in Vienna

Springy outfits in Vienna

Look 1

Spring Outfit Vienna About Jey Spring Outfit Vienna Spring Outfit Vienna About Jey Spring Outfit Vienna About Jey Spring Outfit Vienna About Jey

Look 2

Spring Outfit Vienna About Jey Spring Outfit Vienna Spring Outfit Vienna Spring Outfit ViennaSHOP SPRING OUTFITS:

Happy Monday!

We’ve taken so many pictures on our trip to Vienna. And we shot a few fashion pictures which I wanted to share with you. Oh and, if you haven’t read my little Vienna Guide already – you should do it now!

Luckily, most of the time the weather allowed me to wear airy and cute spring clothes.

On Look no. 1 I was posing in front of the Donner Brunnen that is in the heart of Vienna. I wore my H&M wrap top and paired it with my beige pants which you have seen many times. The wrap top can be paired with blue ankle jeans or with a jeans skirt. I then threw on white Converse All-Star shoes. In addition, these are the best shoes for long city walks and they give the outfit an effortless touch.

Moving on to spring outfit no. 2: I was relaxing on the wall wearing a green-stripped blouse that was tucked in my blue jeans skirt. Also, I paired this outfit with my beloved cognac-colored bag and the Reebok Classics. By the way, this is the perfect attire to put on when it is 20 degrees outside.

Which one is your favorite look?

See you in the next post! <3


Vienna – Travel Guide

Vienna – Travel Guide

About Jey ViennaAbout Jey and JanThis Vienna travel guide will show you the hotel we stayed, the historical buildings we saw and the good food that we ate, I hope you’ll enjoy it and get inspired.

Some of you have seen my Vienna pics on my Instagram. Me and my better half drove for several hours by car to explore and visit friends in beautiful Vienna.

By the way, Jan has been there twice because some of his friends live in Vienna, and this was my first time.

Our stay

Ruby-Marie Hotel ZimmerWe arrived in the evening and checked in the Ruby Marie Hotel to stay for 3 full days. Luckily they upgraded us to a bigger room. Our room was very clean and beautiful. Also, there was a big open shower that was attached directly to the bed. The only thing that separated it was the glass wall. Furthermore, the hotel has a cozy relaxing and breakfast lounge.

Most of the time we stayed in the heart of the city and spent quite some time in the shopping malls.

Historical Buildings & Gardens

Maria Theresien Platz
Maria Theresien Platz
Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
Michaelerplatz Brunnen
Michaelerplatz Brunnen
Michaelerplatz Vienna
Michaelerplatz Vienna
Mariahilfer Kirche
Mariahilfer church

About Jey Mariahilfer Kirche

Vienna Travel GuideVienna Travel GuideThe next day was quite rainy and we explored a bit of Vienna and what caught my eyes immediately were the beautiful buildings and historical ones. I felt almost like all the buildings were so beautiful. And, if you didn’t know by now, I am a sucker for those vintage architectures.

We visited the Palmenhaus Garden briefly. Then the infamous Maria-Theresienplatz with the twin castles. The castles face each other, in the middle you can find a beautiful garden.

St. Stephen's Cathedral
St. Stephen’s Cathedral

On the shopping street ( Maria-Hilferstr.) you can find every fashion store that your heart desires. You will also find St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which resembles the Milan Cathedral due to its aesthetics.

Hofburg Wien
Hofburg Vienna

Finally, my favorite place to rest, read a book or just to live in the moment and enjoy the weather,  is definitely the Hofburg Vienna, which offers an incredible garden and castle.

Next time we want to visit the opera and museums.

Now onto my most favorite topic – food

Restaurant Wiener
Beetroot risotto topped with goat cheese at Wiener restaurant.
Le Bol Vienna
‘Monsieur Seguin’ Salad

The Wiener was the first place that we visited. The food is über good if you want to eat a typical Vienna dish. My menu included: a soup, beetroot risotto finished off with a delicious hot chocolate brownie which is a must-try! On top of that the service was excellent, very much recommended!

Le Bol, is a little French cafe in the inner corner of Vienna. There are a few tables and one big table in the middle of the Café. We love to go to Le Bol because we can grab a good coffee and eat the ‘Monsieur Seguin’ the most delicious salad with the yummiest goat cheese ever.

The Naschmarkt in Vienna is known for its huge selection of spices, meat, and fish. The market kinda reminds me of a bigger version of our Kleinmarkthalle that is located in Frankfurt.

See you in the next post!


About Jey Vienna

Cherry Blossom Bliss

Cherry Blossom Bliss

About Jey Cherry Blossom Bliss About Jey Cherry Blossom Bliss About Jey Cherry Blossom Bliss About Jey Cherry Blossom Bliss About Jey Cherry Blossom Bliss About Jey Cherry Blossom Bliss About Jey Portrait Cherry Blossom Bliss About Jey Cherry Blossom Bliss About Jey Portrait Cherry Blossom Bliss


Happy first day of the month.

Since spring is in full bloom and is even almost over. I’d like to share with you a few snaps from last week.  Because I’ve always wanted to have decent pictures with beautiful cherry blossom trees. By the way, we mainly took pictures in front of white and a pink cherry blossom trees in our neighborhood.

In addition, this is for the peeps who are interested in the technical gadgets that were used in the making.  We made use of my good old Sony A6000 and a 50 mm lens. I use this particular lens so that I can get a buttery and blurry background.

I know that my outfit is not the main subject here, but I wanted to mention my cute blue dress by H&M. H&M has been killing it lately. Then, I completed the look with old white Converse All-stars and vintage John Lennon glasses which you can find here.

Thanks for reading & here is my last blog post.


Cherry Blossom Tree

Bold vs minimalistic outfit

Bold vs minimalistic outfit

About Jey in Bold Look About Jey in Bold Look About Jey in Bold Look About Jey in Bold Look with Cinco Necklace About Jey in Bold LookI hope you had a great and productive week so far.

I’ve been quite lazy if want to be honest. Thankfully the weather is so beautiful here, and I tanked a lot of vitamin D the whole week. I really hope the weather will stay like this for a while but you never know.

A few days ago, I spring cleaned my closet to finally welcome spring into my home. Besides that, should we call it summer due to the temperature?

Moving on to the outfits. My better half and I spent a lot of time together on the weekends and shot a few pictures in Frankfurt.

My first outfit was casual with a pop of color. I rocked my new yellow polka dot top which you can find at an affordable price by H&M. Then I pair it with my Lee jeans and my new shoes by Adidas that are called Deerupt. I usually don’t buy new sneakers but this one caught my eyes immediately and I couldn’t say no. Also, I think that they look quite like the infamous Yeezy. Lastly, I wore these futuristic, half cut sunnies to put the “boldness” up. 🤣

About Jey in minimalistic look About Jey in minimalistic look About Jey in minimalistic look About Jey in minimalistic look with Jan About Jey in minimalistic look


On the second day, we spent much time at the park. As you can see, this look is the total opposite of the first outfit. Due to its minimalist neutral colors. I opted for colors like black, beige & brown. Sometimes, I just love switching up from bold to casual colors.  

For this look, I threw on a black, basic longsleeved top and beige pants that matched well to my Classic Reebok. Moreover, I had my favorite faux-leather brown bag that you have seen already in my other posts. To finish it up, I put on “vintage esque” full black cat-eyed sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun. 🤣

I hope you like these looks – read my last blog post here.


Straw basket bags you need in summer!

Straw basket bags you need in summer!

About Jey Straw Basket bagStraw basket bags are the must-haves for fashion conscious people and everybody who loves something cute to carry around. Not only is the straw bag a fashion statement, it is the perfect item for festivals and open-air concerts because it is lightweight & practical. Also, the one I have can be used as a Picknick bag or a beach bag. By the way, this isn’t a new trend, it’s been popular since summer ’17.

As you can see, the summer bag is available in different materials like straw, bamboo and much more. Furthermore, it comes in different shapes like the famous round/circle rattan bag, the Jane Birkin basket bag or a simply woven beach tote.

How to style straw bags

  • Pair it with a white top and white jeans and brown sandals
  • Flowy Summer dresses 
  • Looks especially dreamy with a midi to a maxi wrap dress
  • Pair it with a dark jumpsuit in the color blue or black
  • Lastly, you can give your basket bag a personal touch if you tie a little scarf on it
Topshop Shelly Straw Basket Bag
Here is a close up of Topshop’s straw bag.

About Jey Straw Basket bag About Jey Straw Basket bag

Now let’s move on to my look. My straw basket bag is from Topshop and retails for almost 40€. It is inspired by the Jane Birkin bag that I have already mentioned.

A few days ago, I wore white jeans that I fold up to my ankles. In addition, I paired my satin top with the matching orange sunglasses which shouts ‘summer’ – are you feeling this look?

Finally, I completed my outfit with a gold necklace and my comfy Reebok shoes.



Shop Straw Basket bag

1. row/ from left to right: Topshop | H&M | Shoptique
2. row / from left to right: Topshop | Mango | Urban Outfitters

Thanks for reading & feel free to read my last blog post here.