What I’ve been wearing..

What I’ve been wearing..

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In Germany the sun is occasionally shining – yay! That is why I wanted to show you three of my fave outfits that I’ve been wearing since the end of March/ beginning of April.

It’s a mix of different materials and fabrics like my thin coat, jacket and faux fur west that I threw on. In addition, I cooperated different styles like pinstriped pants, a skirt and denim jeans. The colors were dark blue and black. Also, my tops were in brighter and dark colors as well.

All my shoes are black and simple except my loafers which have pearl applications.

I hope you like the looks and please leave your fave as a comment!



Look 1About Jey in grey coat About Jey in grey coat About Jey in grey coat About Jey in grey coat

Look 2About Jey in dark outfit About Jey in dark outfit

Look 3About Jey wearing Faux Fur West About Jey wearing Faux Fur West

Look 1: Grey coat/ bucket bag / necklace / white blouse / ankle boots

Look 2: Pinstriped pants/ combat boots / sunglasses / brown bag

Look 3: Cardigan / faux fur west / 7/8 jeans / pearl loafers

*I linked to similar products because some items are sold out! 🙂

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