Straw basket bags you need in summer!

Straw basket bags you need in summer!

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About Jey Straw Basket bagStraw basket bags are the must-haves for fashion conscious people and everybody who loves something cute to carry around. Not only is the straw bag a fashion statement, it is the perfect item for festivals and open-air concerts because it is lightweight & practical. Also, the one I have can be used as a Picknick bag or a beach bag. By the way, this isn’t a new trend, it’s been popular since summer ’17.

As you can see, the summer bag is available in different materials like straw, bamboo and much more. Furthermore, it comes in different shapes like the famous round/circle rattan bag, the Jane Birkin basket bag or a simply woven beach tote.

How to style straw bags

  • Pair it with a white top and white jeans and brown sandals
  • Flowy Summer dresses 
  • Looks especially dreamy with a midi to a maxi wrap dress
  • Pair it with a dark jumpsuit in the color blue or black
  • Lastly, you can give your basket bag a personal touch if you tie a little scarf on it
Topshop Shelly Straw Basket Bag
Here is a close up of Topshop’s straw bag.

About Jey Straw Basket bag About Jey Straw Basket bag

Now let’s move on to my look. My straw basket bag is from Topshop and retails for almost 40€. It is inspired by the Jane Birkin bag that I have already mentioned.

A few days ago, I wore white jeans that I fold up to my ankles. In addition, I paired my satin top with the matching orange sunglasses which shouts ‘summer’ – are you feeling this look?

Finally, I completed my outfit with a gold necklace and my comfy Reebok shoes.



Shop Straw Basket bag

1. row/ from left to right: Topshop | H&M | Shoptique
2. row / from left to right: Topshop | Mango | Urban Outfitters

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