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Feeling the yellow

Feeling the yellow

About Jey Yellow Outfit About Jey Yellow Outfit About Jey Yellow Outfit About Jey About Jey Yellow Outfit Mango gold sandalsAbout Jey Yellow Outfit


Hey guys, 

Since summer is right at the corner. I wanted to share with you the look I had on a while ago. I thought, why not make an editorial style lookbook that features the love I currently have for yellow.

In a psychological way, it’s crazy how certain colors can lift or reduce your mood instantly. Like how the sun and its ‘yellow’ are known for lightening the mood.

Yellow comes in different undertones, that means everyone will find a yellow tone that fits any undertone and skin color. Due to my neutral, olive undertone, I can easily pull off yellows in a neutral and sometimes warmer tone. Therefore colder yellow doesn’t look good on my skin color. You can find your undertone if you look at your wrists vein. That means:

  • blue veins – cold undertone
  • blue/green or purple veins – neutral undertone
  • green – warm undertone

I paired my fav pants with a yellow polka dot blouse and comfortable bow tie sandals. By the way, I bought my sandals last year and the tone of the shoes are more on the golden site.

But If you are a person who doesn’t like to work with colors. And, you prefer to just grab neutral or monochromatic colors. Then opt for accessories like sandals or slippers in yellow or gold tones. If you like dainty pieces go with gold jewelry.

Let’s move on to the technical site. We used the good old Sony A6000 as always. We shot with the 50 mm lens which gives a beautiful blurry background and it’s the perfect lens for portraits/fashion shots. In addition, I used Lightroom to play with the color of the images.

I hope you enjoyed the different editing style of the pictures. Read my latest blog post here.


About Jey Yellow Outfit

A day of gratitude

A day of gratitude

About Jey wearing jeans shorts and basket bag About Jey wearing jeans shorts and basket bag About Jey wearing jeans shorts and basket bagFirst of all, what is gratitude?

Gratitude means being thankful. Also, it helps you see your situation in a different way.

In times of Social Media, we tend to compare our lives to others and forget that we already have everything that we need. We are so caught up wanting what others have that this could possibly lead to dissatisfaction and even to unhappiness. Sometimes, I am guilty of comparing myself too.

And to be honest, anybody can practice gratefulness. The fact that you wake up every day and experience life is a reason to be thankful! Also, I am very sure that you have people who love you which is the most important thing in life.

Being healthy is another reason to be grateful because once we fall sick, we then wish to recover as soon as possible and tend to forget how good life was before the sickness.

Now, I want to show you the way I practice and stop comparing myself.

About Jey wearing jeans shorts About Jey wearing jeans shorts and basket bag About Jey wearing jeans shorts and basket bag About Jey wearing jeans shorts and basket bag



Why you should be grateful 

  • Healthy habit – a positive mind is a healthy mind
  • It grounds you – even successful people need it
  • Can prevent you from depression 
  • You focus on the things you have
  • Because the most of us have a roof over our head
  • You let go of things that you currently don’t have in life because in the future you could have it if you really want and work for it.
  • Reconnects you with family
  • You have a positive outlook on life
  • Keeps you motivated because you have something to ‘fight‘ for

How I practice gratitude / How you can practice gratitude

  • Whenever I feel down, I just write all the things down that I have. Like for example my family, friends, being healthy and much more.  
  • I help and give people compliments. Because it makes me feel content and people feel valued.
  • Try to write things down in a journal that you have in life like family, friends, people who helped you or even compliments from a stranger
  • Try to eat healthily and do sports so that your body can stay in a good condition  

How to stop comparing yourself to others

  • Detach yourself from anything that could make you unhappy like: Social Media, friends, Family who always put you down or give you the impression that you aren’t good enough.
  • Instead of looking at what others do and feeling bad. Try to change that energy into building the dream life you’ve always wanted.
  • Finally, remember people only share the highlights of their life.

To put it in a nutshell, we’re unfortunately capable of comparing our lives to ‘dream lives‘ BUT we are also capable of enjoying the things we have if we practice gratitude daily and change the view of a situation.

About Jey wearing jeans shorts and basket bag

Natural Makeup with new Purple Lip Tint

Natural Makeup with new Purple Lip Tint

About Jey wearing Purple Lip Tint About Jey with Purple Lip Tint About Jey wearing Purple Lip Tint About Jey wearing Purple Lip Tint About Jey with Purple Lip Tint Today, I wanted to dip my foot into beauty. I think this post goes well with my fashion content because it is all about appearance. In the future, I want to implement more skincare oriented topics on my blog.

For this natural makeup look, I used only a few products to put the focus on my purple lip tint. By the way, I don’t wear foundation, I only use concealer for my under eye area and a bit of powder. When I want to put more effort I use mascara and an eyeliner.

Here are almost all the products that I used for my look:

    1. Inglot Cosmetics – Lip Tint Matte nr. 19: This is the main star of today’s post. The longevity of this product is just a wow. You just need a bit of the lip product to get a full coverage. It stays really long on the lips, even after eating food and drinking during the day. I think this color would suit any skin color from tan till very dark. Lastly, it almost doesn’t transfer.
    2. NARS – Radiant Creamy Concealer (Amande): After searching and trying a lot of concealers. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the best concealer for me due to its high coverage, texture, color ranges and the perfect undertone (I have an olive-neutral undertone by the way). I use the concealer as mentioned for my undereye, lip area and to cover up blemishes.
    3.  Lavera – So Fresh Mineral Rouge Powder in the color Plum Blossom 02: First of all, this is a natural cosmetic product. I love this product because it is longlasting. In addition, it compliments my skin color without looking so heavy. As you can see in the picture it’s almost empty because it’s just my favorite rouge powder that doesn’t clog my pores.
    4. Lily Lolo mineral foundation in cinnamon: This might be a mineral foundation but I use it for something else. It acts as my setting powder and gives me that ‘yellowish’ highlight that I like. It lasts very long on my face without creasing. Apart from that, the powder is a natural product as well.

What do you think of the pictures, didn’t I make good use of the sunlight and my curtains? 😉


About Jey wearing Purple Lip Tint

Taking a Walk in the cold

Taking a Walk in the cold

Jey in Seligenstadt Seligenstadt Klostergarten Jey in Seligenstadt Jey in Seligenstadt Jey in SeligenstadtHappy first day of March.

I can’t believe that two months of 2018 went by so fast.

For the upcoming months, I’m trying to post weekly on the blog. So that I can be much more consistent with my content. I will share more photographies, lookbooks and perhaps a bit of my skincare because I think it might be interesting for some of you.

I currently wish it was much warmer than in the pictures.  Thankfully, the sun managed to show itself on the freezy weekend. I really don’t know that it could be that cold in Germany. We went for a quick walk and took a few pictures in Seligenstadt. I was covered up in my jacket, jeans and boots. Also, I wore my new brown sunglasses which elevate this boring winter attire a little.

Write you soon & I hope you like the pictures.


Favorite things 2017

Favorite things 2017

Let’s start the new year with a little round-up of my favorite things that I’ve been reaching since 2017. Please, feel free to leave a comment and tell me what your favorite things are.

1. My everyday jewelry

Asos JewerlyI’m usually not a  heavy jewelry wearer but when I do. I always go for dainty pieces. You can find all of the pieces (here/here/here/here).

2. The power of your subconscious mind

The Power of your subconscious mindThis book by Joseph Murphy is one of my favorite because it shows you how your mind, especially your subconscious mind works. In addition, you can find stories of people and techniques. Did you know that your subconscious mind controls 95 % of your life?

3. Farfalla – Nuvola Parfum

Farfalla NuvolaI had to take a picture of the empty bottle so you can see how it looks like. This is my first all green, natural perfume in my collection. It has a unique powdery scent that consists of neroli, bergamot, ylang-ylang, vanilla, sandalwood and much more.

4. Jaden Smith’s – SYRE

Copyright - Google Picture
Source: Google Picture (Jaden Smith)

I love music so much!! But wait, who doesn’t like music? SYRE is my all-time favorite album from Jaden Smith. This album gives me so much feels and I really enjoy every song of the album. It feels like you are listening to a whole long song not to separate titles.

5. My pink tube scarf

About JeyYou might already have noticed that I always grab my beloved tube scarf because it really goes to everything. Also, it keeps me really warm. You can find it (here).

6. Shea butter

Bio shea butterShea butter is the purest skin care product. I use this every day for my whole body and even as a conditioner for my hair. Don’t forget to warm it up in your hands and always use the unrefined type.

7. Sunglasses

About JeyI bought so many sunglasses in 2017. But I only reach out to these two. My all-time favorite Rayban Clubmaster sunglasses and my vintage black sunglasses from Mango (similar here).

8. Burberry Banner bag

the banner bag burberryWhat should I say? The banner bag is my baby because it is my first designer bag and I still love it. You can read my blog post about the bag (here).

9. Casio watch

Casio LA680WEA 1BEFI’m such a vintage lover… Why? Because I wear my Casio watch every day and love the simplicity and look of it.

10. Rosehip oil

The Ordinary Rosehip oilThe best comes last. I swear on The Ordinary’s Rosehip oil. I use it in the morning and night before my face cream. It gives you a beautiful glow and fights skin spots on the face.