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Festive makeup

Festive makeup

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The festive season is my favorite time of year because I get to spend it with my loved ones and eat delicious food.

Because I enjoy this season so much, here’s a smokey-glittery eye makeup that I will be rocking the whole time. First of all, I apply my Nars concealer in the color ‘Amande’ under my eyes and around the mouth area to balance my skin tone. After that, I contour with the darker shade in the color ‘Dark Coffee‘ and focus on my cheekbone area to give the dimension back to my face.

Then I apply translucent powder on my whole face to remove the shine and set my concealer.

Now, we are moving on to the eye makeup. Firstly, I utilize the black eyeshadow on the outer V and the crease area as the base. Then I use ‘Spirit’ from the Latte Palette by Bareminerals, as the transitioning color to soften the black eyeshadow that I previously applied. Furthermore, the brown color connects the brighter color that I’ll use now. ‘Firefly’ is the bright color which is also in the palette. Moreover, it is a shimmery gold that makes every eye color pop.  I put this on my eyelid and my inner eye corner. Finally, I enhance my eyebrows with Sante’s dark eyeshadow and finish the look off with a bit of brown liquid lipstick by NXY and a clear gloss on the lips.

CONCEALER: Nars – Amande / Dark Coffee
EYEBROWS: Sante (Rosy Shade Palette) – dark brown color
EYESHADOW: Bareminerals (Gen Nude palette – Latte) – Firefly (gold) / Spirit (brown)
black eyeshadow: Terra Naturi – Onyx black (sold out!) /similar 
BLUSH: Bareminerals – You had me at Merlot 
HIGHLIGHTER: Bareminerals (Gen Nude -Latte) – Destiny
POWDER: Alverde – Translucent powder
MASCARA: Maybelline – Lash Sensational
LIPSTICK: NYX – Teddy & Essence clear gloss

I hope you like this festive makeup and see you in the next post!

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July’s favorite

July’s favorite

Hey guys!

I know it’s been a while where I’ve written in my little webspace. Therefore, I am here to share the things that I have been enjoying.


The Ordinary SkincareEver since I’ve been off birth control my skin returned to its teenage form and have been suffering from blemishes and light acne on my cheeks. I used to use natural skincare products but I didn’t think that they helped that much because certain ingredients were missing. Now, I have incorporated chemical ingredients because they have been clinically proven to help with blemishes. And I started looking more into active ingredients and gave the products from The Ordinary a try.  These are the 3 products that I’ve been using religiously and they really help.

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

The Ordinary Niacinamide and ZincIf you suffer from acne or pimples this is something for you. I have been using these bad boys for over 2 months. I put the serum in the pm. The consistency is not watery but a little bit tacky but if you follow up with your moisturizer, you don’t notice that anymore. After 2 weeks, I noticed that I don’t break out that crazy anymore, sometimes little bumps appear but they disappear quickly thanks to the serum. The 1% Zinc helps to control the oil production in my face and the Niancinamade fights the blemishes.. awesome combo? Right?

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

The Ordinary Peeling SolutionAHA’s and BHA’s are two active ingredients that fight skin problems. BHA’s are one of the chemical peelings which posses very small molecules and can, therefore, enter deep into your skin layers. On the other hand, AHA’s have bigger molecules than BHA’s but they’re the most effective ingredient to fight pimples, blemishes and acne. I use this peeling solution once a week. It helps with fine lines, shrinks large pores and keeps the skin even. After using this solution a few times, I noticed, that my skin feels super soft and my pores appear smaller. After using this mask, I put moisturizer on my face and follow up with sunscreen since I used a peeling solution.

Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA

The Ordinary Alpha ArbutinThis one is for you peeps who suffer from hyperpigmentations. I have dark marks on my cheeks and on my neck. Unfortunately, I get dark spots if I don’t use sunscreen or if I pop a pimple. I apply this serum only on my dark spot and only in the evening. If you want to use it in the morning, don’t forget to use SPF. I can highly recommend this product because it keeps my skin tone even.

I hope this helps and I am planning a visual skincare tutorial soon, so stay tuned!

Floral dresses

SHOP THE DRESSES: white floral midi dress // mini blue wrap dress // yellow ditsy dress

Jey in short blue ditsy H&M dressUnfortunately, summer is over and was way too short! 🙁 But I am happy that I was rocking dresses the whole summer season. Moreover,  I like to experiment with skirts and dresses and I don’t enjoy thick fabrics or materials that make me sweat – you know? I literally bought every dress which had ditsy prints. Not only do those prints make any dress look cute they were very on-trend this season. Lastly, I wear midi to maxi lengths for those days where you don’t feel like shaving those pesky hairs.Yellow midi dress by Stradivarius Jey in floral Newlook 90s midi dress Jey in short blue ditsy H&M dress Jey in floral Newlook 90s midi dress

SHOP THE DRESSES: white floral midi dress // mini blue wrap dress // yellow ditsy dress


If you are looking for a book to read this year, I would suggest, you read The 4 agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It is a self-help book which frees you from self-doubt and limitations in your life. Furthermore, it is so powerful because it’s packed full of lessons. And I find myself falling back to the lessons that I had read. Also, I am sure that I will reread the book so that I can’t forget the beautiful message and lessons.

Netflix film

Lastly, I wanted to include a Netflix film into my list because it made me so emotional, angry and really had an impact on me because I know how it is to face racism. And I am happy that I don’t live in the states where I would fear for my life and the ones of my brothers.

When They See Us is a mini-series on Netflix that is about 5 young black boys who were accused of a crime that they didn’t do. And the sad thing is, that this is based on a true story. Please go and watch it, I can highly recommend the film.


See you in the next post!

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A pop of pink

A pop of pink

Jey with pink eyeshadow Jey with pink eyeshadowA pop of pink A pop of pinkJey with pink eyeshadow

 brands may contain affiliate links!

CONCEALER: Nars – Amande
EYEBROWS: Max Factor – Eyebrow pencil
EYESHADOW: Bareminerals – You had me at Merlot / Alverde – 07 Cosy Copper
HIGHLIGHTER: Kiko – Water Eyeshadow 208
MASCARA: Maybelline – Lash Sensational

Today, I want to share a spring/summer inspired makeup look. Whenever I want to experiment with beauty, I first head to Pinterest and then to a few makeup artist accounts in Instagram to get inspired. I’ve noticed that bright colors like pink or orange are very trendy right now. As you can see, I used matte bright colors on the eyelids but you can use a glossy eyeshadow too. Besides, glossy lids are a must-have for the hotter season!

For this simple makeup look, I kept the lips in a neutral nude color, so that it doesn’t steal the show of off the eyes. The skin is not matte rather dewy. This can be achieved with well-prepped skin. I like to exfoliate my skin and follow up with a good moisturizer. Since I don’t use foundation, I like to cover up my blemishes and hyperpigmentations with my trusty NARS concealer in the color Amande. It is the best concealer ever. Due to the color varieties, undertones and the creaminess of it. Moreover, I don’t like to bake my eyes with powder because of the cakiness. As I am getting older, I don’t want to dry out the delicate eye area. 

Moving on to the eyes, I used my blush by Bareminerals as an eyeshadow base because I don’t like to follow beauty rules. It is a reddish burgundy color but on my skin, it looks more pinkish. Then I added a copper tone near my eyelashes so that my eyelids have more dimensions.

Next, I drew on my eyebrows to make my eye makeup to pop more. Then I used the blush that I used for my eyes, on my cheeks.

Finally, I completed this spring/summer inspired makeup look with a nude lip and a gold highlighter on the areas that I want to accentuate. Like my nose, the cupid bows and under my eyebrow and on the cheeks.

I hope you enjoyed this makeup look and see you in the next post!

Jey with pink eyeshadow
Another makeup look with a similar eye makeup.

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Experimenting with bold colors

Experimenting with bold colors


In the colder months, I opt for the same coat and scarf as my safe canvas. Now, as it is getting warmer, I like to experiment with bolder colors. In todays blog post, I want to show you what’s underneath my grey coat. Because my winter clothes tend to be grey, white and blacks.

To add some color to my outfit, I picked this new turtleneck sweater by Pull&Bear via Zalando. You must size up because the sweater is very small. I bought a size M. I instantly fell in love with the dark red color. And this is the first red that suits my skin tone because brighter reds with a blue undertone make my skin look ashy – haha! Also, I wanted to mention that I like to inject new pieces into my existing wardrobe. I also don’t believe in buying the same or similar stuff only for the sake of fashion. I find it even more interesting to style a piece that you have in several ways.

Underneath the burgundy sweater, I wore a shirt to keep myself warm. Furthermore, I styled it with my favorite pair of black jeans and some ankle boots. In addition, I didn’t want to tuck my hair back as always and left it in its curly state and let the bangs out. Finally, I wore silver thick hoops and finished my look off with a slouchy brown bag by H&M. I bought the bag again because my old one was broken. I really can’t wait to style this burgundy sweater with beige pants or with my vintage Levi’s jeans and white Converse Allstars. I hope you enjoyed this look!

See you in the next post!

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Jey’s thoughtful christmas gift guide

Jey’s thoughtful christmas gift guide

Happy last month of the year 2018!

Soon Christmas is knocking on our doors and the year is almost over. So I wanted to share my personal gift guide. Furthermore, this gift guide should attract different kinds of people. Therefore, I hope there are a few bits and bobs that you can include in your own Christmas gift collection.

Disclaimer : some links may have affiliate links. 🙂


The vintage lover

I love vintage fashion that is why I included vintage bags, fragrances. Plus, vintage-inspired fashion clothes.

The Bookworm

This list is for the females who enjoy spirituality, women empowerment and relationship books.


The beauty lover

I am not much of a beauty hoarder but I put a few things that I use like the Dr. Bronner soap, the Baremineral products and of course a dark red nail polish.

The fashionista

Being on trend or just being fashionable is what you are looking for? Then you’ll love this list because I included the latest bags, shoes and some must-haves for the fashion lovers out there.

The lifestyle & unique gift lover

This is for all the people who love handmade stuff or unique art prints. You can decide if you fancy colorful watercolor art or a digital minimalistic drawing and much more.

Happy shopping!

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