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A pop of pink

A pop of pink

Jey with pink eyeshadow Jey with pink eyeshadowA pop of pink A pop of pinkJey with pink eyeshadow

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CONCEALER: Nars – Amande
EYEBROWS: Max Factor – Eyebrow pencil
EYESHADOW: Bareminerals – You had me at Merlot / Alverde – 07 Cosy Copper
HIGHLIGHTER: Kiko – Water Eyeshadow 208
MASCARA: Maybelline – Lash Sensational

Today, I want to share a spring/summer inspired makeup look. Whenever I want to experiment with beauty, I first head to Pinterest and then to a few makeup artist accounts in Instagram to get inspired. I’ve noticed that bright colors like pink or orange are very trendy right now. As you can see, I used matte bright colors on the eyelids but you can use a glossy eyeshadow too. Besides, glossy lids are a must-have for the hotter season!

For this simple makeup look, I kept the lips in a neutral nude color, so that it doesn’t steal the show of off the eyes. The skin is not matte rather dewy. This can be achieved with well-prepped skin. I like to exfoliate my skin and follow up with a good moisturizer. Since I don’t use foundation, I like to cover up my blemishes and hyperpigmentations with my trusty NARS concealer in the color Amande. It is the best concealer ever. Due to the color varieties, undertones and the creaminess of it. Moreover, I don’t like to bake my eyes with powder because of the cakiness. As I am getting older, I don’t want to dry out the delicate eye area. 

Moving on to the eyes, I used my blush by Bareminerals as an eyeshadow base because I don’t like to follow beauty rules. It is a reddish burgundy color but on my skin, it looks more pinkish. Then I added a copper tone near my eyelashes so that my eyelids have more dimensions.

Next, I drew on my eyebrows to make my eye makeup to pop more. Then I used the blush that I used for my eyes, on my cheeks.

Finally, I completed this spring/summer inspired makeup look with a nude lip and a gold highlighter on the areas that I want to accentuate. Like my nose, the cupid bows and under my eyebrow and on the cheeks.

I hope you enjoyed this makeup look and see you in the next post!

Jey with pink eyeshadow
Another makeup look with a similar eye makeup.

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Experimenting with bold colors

Experimenting with bold colors


In the colder months, I opt for the same coat and scarf as my safe canvas. Now, as it is getting warmer, I like to experiment with bolder colors. In todays blog post, I want to show you what’s underneath my grey coat. Because my winter clothes tend to be grey, white and blacks.

To add some color to my outfit, I picked this new turtleneck sweater by Pull&Bear via Zalando. You must size up because the sweater is very small. I bought a size M. I instantly fell in love with the dark red color. And this is the first red that suits my skin tone because brighter reds with a blue undertone make my skin look ashy – haha! Also, I wanted to mention that I like to inject new pieces into my existing wardrobe. I also don’t believe in buying the same or similar stuff only for the sake of fashion. I find it even more interesting to style a piece that you have in several ways.

Underneath the burgundy sweater, I wore a shirt to keep myself warm. Furthermore, I styled it with my favorite pair of black jeans and some ankle boots. In addition, I didn’t want to tuck my hair back as always and left it in its curly state and let the bangs out. Finally, I wore silver thick hoops and finished my look off with a slouchy brown bag by H&M. I bought the bag again because my old one was broken. I really can’t wait to style this burgundy sweater with beige pants or with my vintage Levi’s jeans and white Converse Allstars. I hope you enjoyed this look!

See you in the next post!

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Jey’s thoughtful christmas gift guide

Jey’s thoughtful christmas gift guide

Happy last month of the year 2018!

Soon Christmas is knocking on our doors and the year is almost over. So I wanted to share my personal gift guide. Furthermore, this gift guide should attract different kinds of people. Therefore, I hope there are a few bits and bobs that you can include in your own Christmas gift collection.

Disclaimer : some links may have affiliate links. 🙂


The vintage lover

I love vintage fashion that is why I included vintage bags, fragrances. Plus, vintage-inspired fashion clothes.

The Bookworm

This list is for the females who enjoy spirituality, women empowerment and relationship books.


The beauty lover

I am not much of a beauty hoarder but I put a few things that I use like the Dr. Bronner soap, the Baremineral products and of course a dark red nail polish.

The fashionista

Being on trend or just being fashionable is what you are looking for? Then you’ll love this list because I included the latest bags, shoes and some must-haves for the fashion lovers out there.

The lifestyle & unique gift lover

This is for all the people who love handmade stuff or unique art prints. You can decide if you fancy colorful watercolor art or a digital minimalistic drawing and much more.

Happy shopping!

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My thoughts on social media

My thoughts on social media

Jey in mini green dressJey in mini green dressWith Jean dressThis might be a different type of content but I want to talk about my thoughts on social media. Here are the following topics for today’s blog post:

  • Instagram algorithm
  • engagement on Instagram
  • slow growth
  • losing creativity

I’ve been posting on Instagram and on my blog regularly. Also, on other social media platforms like Twitter and Pinterest. Although I am constantly improving my photography skills and my writing. I still notice slow growth. And I am not the kind of person who follows and unfollows people, buy followers or participate in those engagement groups. I just want people to follow me because they are inspired or just interested in photography or my personal style. Plus, Instagram favors accounts that follow a specific niche.

I try to log off of social media whenever it feels toxic and steals my creativity. Because sometimes you see yourself absorbing too much content from others artists. That you might lose your own creativity which is bad for finding your own style.

Jey with jean dress Jey apple photography Jey in mini green dress With jean dress


My thoughts on social media: The old social media era

Furthermore, I miss the 2014/15 social media era. Where blogging and sharing photos were carefree, unstaged and not full of competition. Don’t get me wrong I, myself shoot pictures that are well thought. But there was a time where I use to post random stuff that I like that don’t have any value to other people. Then I started posting about my everyday life, fashion and sometimes about food. After I noticed that people enjoy my content. I put my interest in one niche. Thus, I started focusing more on fashion content like pieces that I wore and lookbook shoots.

However, the new social media era allows me to connect with like-minded people and be inspired by them. And you can share your work and get noticed by people. In my case, it’s shooting and editing fashion/product editorials. Lastly, I’ve been enjoying the ‘in the moment shots’ that reminds me of the good old days.

Now, I am in a battle where I want to post also about other stuff like food and travels. Also if it means that I could lose followers but that is what makes accounts unique. Am I right?

And no, I don’t want to cry about the Instagram algorithm like everyone else. Because it’s just the way it is, either you go with the flow or you do your own things and live with the consequence.

Please feel free to tell me about your own social media experience.

See you in the next post!

Jey <3

My Little summer favorites

My Little summer favorites

Hey guys,

I am glad that we are experiencing this beautiful heat. Unfortunately, summer is almost over. Therefore, I wanted to share with you a few pieces that I’ve been loving and using lately.


Cat Eye Sunglasses

Black cat eye sunglassesI am a sucker for sunglasses and this black cat eye sunnies have really become my favorites because they compliment my heart-shaped face. Also, due to the color and the shape, the sunglasses look great with every outfit. Plus, I love the vintage 50s / 60s vibes it gives my look.

Cinco necklaces

Ginger necklace dylan necklace Cinco
(l-r) Ginger necklace & Dylan necklace by Cinco

These necklaces are made by a small company in Portugal. They are made out of silver and are coated with 24 karats of gold. And the quality of the necklaces is great. Besides that, it goes well with everything and can be layered easily.

Lastly, I regularly switch between these two and I am planning to buy more in the future.

Summer dresses

Isabelle dress by withjeanThe Reformation Dress KlaraMini checked dress by BershkaThe Reformation Dress KlaraRouje Gabin dressOrange checked Zara dress

Links to the dresses: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5  // 6

In the summer times, I always go with dresses and skirts which is a must for me in this heatwave.

I love grabbing dresses with different prints, especially the ditsy print is very trendy at the moment. Also, I’ve been loving midi dresses lately…

Hair bands

Hair band Hair scarf

Dior hair band Hair scarf
I turned my Dior scent band into a hair accessory.


When you see a satin band you instantly connect it with the French Chic style. Or you visualize it with a white midi dress driving in a vintage car to Italy.

I like to use satin bands in any color since my hair is tucked in most of the time. Moreover, I prefer to wear a colorful satin band with a plain/ minimalistic outfit. So that my outfit looks effortlessly chic.

You can be an optimist

You can be an optimist by Lucy MacDonaldIf you tend to be a pessimist like me, then you have to read this book by Lucy MacDonald. It really helps you to become an optimistic person. Therefore you can handle a common situation differently and see your ‘problems’ with a new perspective. What I love most about the book are the different tasks that you find throughout the book which you can do. At the moment, I am currently reading another self-help book with the title name ‘The Subtle Art of not giving a Fuck’. I will let you know if I liked it. 🙂

Nude nails

Essie Pinned Up Essie Pinned Up on dark skinLet’s move on to beauty – I rarely wear nail polishes because I found out that their break my nails. BUT If I do wear polish, I always go for nude tones. ‘Pinned Up’ by Essie is one of my favorite. It has a pinkish nude tone that goes well with my skin’s color.

Coco Mademoiselle – Chanel

Coco Mademoiselle ChanelLastly, what would a summer post be without a good scent? 🙂 I use this fragrance almost every day and it doesn’t get old – haha. Moreover, it is described as an intensely feminine, fresh and oriental scent which stays on my body all day. You should definitely try it out!

By the way, if you want to know what I like to wear on my feet then head to this blog post.

See you in the next post, peeps!