Easy Nasi Goreng

Easy Nasi Goreng

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Ever since we went to Amsterdam and ate Indonesian food at Kantjil de Tijger I wanted to make my own version. This is a healthy and easy way of making Nasi Goreng which means fried rice. Usually you fry your ‘old‘ rice  with your leftovers like veggies, fish & meat.

What you will need for the Nasi Goreng
(2 hungry people)

1 x onions
3 x chili
1x thumb sized ginger
3 x cloves of garlic
1/2 head of cabbage
2 cups of cooked/cooled rice
5 teaspoon of soy sauce
2 teaspoon of hoisin sauce



1. First of all, throw the onions, chili, garlic & ginger with a little bit of water in the blender. If you don’t have a blender you can mash it.

2. Pour the oil in a pan and fry the puréed goodness that consists of the ingredients mentsioned before.

3. After that throw in the cabbage and mix everything together.

4. Push everything aside and place the rice in the middle and mix it with the greens and herbs.

5. If you notice that the food is a bit dry put a bit more oil into the pan.

6. Now season the mix with soy and hoisin sauce and stir  7 minutes until the rice turns light golden.

7. The dish is almost ready but you can place a fried egg on top of your plate that is covered with the tasty Nasi Goreng.

8. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy and leave a comment on my post & tell me if you like it.

Jey <3

P.S. you can find my last recipe here.

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